Hugh Hefner’s Wife Reminisced About Life At Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner's Wife

Crystal Harris, a former Playboy Playmate and the late Hugh Hefner’s suffering wife, have finally moved on from her husband’s death to find love again. In 2020, three years after Hefner’s death, Harris started dating spacecraft engineer Nathan Levi. On many occasions, the pair has made social media postings fawning over one another. However, Harris confessed in a December 2021 Instagram post that she was still suffering from her horrible marriage with Hefner.

Hugh Hefner’s Wife Reminisced About Life at Playboy Mansion

Harris posted a picture of herself in front of the Playboy Mansion from 2016 on December 3, 2021. The model was wearing a flowery dress and smiling brightly for the camera, her blonde hair softly cascading over her shoulders – an excellent shot, it would seem. The following slide in the article, however, was where she revealed the truth. She stated that she loved this specific shot, which was taken towards the end of her relationship with Hefner when she started to say no to “things that weren’t me.” Her hair had begun to grow more naturally about this time, and her implants had been removed. “No more artificial tan or life,” wrote the Playboy guru’s wife. “I was still physically and psychologically unwell,” she said, “but I was on the mend.”

Hugh Hefner's Wife

Hugh Hefner’s Wife Called Playboy Mansion Her Imprisonment

Being the wife of a worldwide known womanizer was not an easy life to live. Harris said openly that she felt conflicted whenever she thought about the Playboy Mansion. In many respects, the estate was a haven for her, but it was also a prison, a pattern that would be repeated in her relationship with Hefner. Hefner was wonderful to his wife in many respects, but he wasn’t always as forgiving and loving. “I’m still recuperating from some of my experiences,” the widow said.

Hugh Hefner's Wife

The Playboy Guru’s Life

During an exclusive interview with The Sun, Harris said she was bombarded with charges insulting her brilliance and mischaracterizing her connection with her late husband as financially driven. Not to add that every interview she went for sought to poke her about the age difference between her and Hefner, which led to discussions about their interactions. “People would say I was a stupid blonde, a phony, a money digger who didn’t truly love Hef,” she told the publication. I was frightened to give interviews because they would attack me as soon as I sat down. Because of the age gap, the first question they would ask is, ‘How is your sex life?’ When, in fact, she was not even on her husband’s will.


Because they were still married, she was granted a hefty monetary compensation of $7 million, plus she received a $5 million Hollywood Hills mansion, which he put in trust for her and which she later sold. His remaining $45 million wealth was divided among his four children, a university, and different organizations. Even while she was with her spouse, the model was exposed to continual derogatory remarks from the general public and other incredibly gorgeous ladies roaming the home. In the same interview, she admitted that Hefner was fully aware of their significant age gap and that he wouldn’t be around forever. “He said that he was aware that he would not be around indefinitely. ‘You’ll go on,’ he replied. “She remembered.