Is Hunter Hannah Barron Dating Again After Her Breakup With Fiancé Hunter Horton?

Hannah Barron

Hannah Barron was previously married to Hunter Ryan Horton. Barron, on the other hand, parted ways with her would-be husband before they were married for an unspecified reason.

Hannah Barron’s Divorce from Fiancé

Horton had been a friend of the Instagram celebrity for a few years. The couple began dating in 2016 and appeared to be very much in love, as evidenced by their Instagram posts. Horton even wished her a happy Valentine’s Day in 2017. And on his birthday in 2018, she took to Instagram.

Hannah Barron
Hannah Barron

He asked her to marry him a year later. They moved in together soon after the social media celebrity said yes. For a time, the engaged couple shared a home. However, the engagement was abruptly called off after that. The specifics of what happened between the two remain unknown to this day.

Hannah Barron and Cohen Stone, a couple?

Cohen Stone, a fellow hunter, revealed on Instagram that he and Barron might be dating. Stone is a producer on Michael Waddell: Bone Collector and is from Georgia. Stone mentioned Barron helping him learn to noodle in an Instagram post on May 12, 2020. By May 19, he had advanced to the level of expert.

Last August, the two reportedly traveled to Mexico. The photos that followed were as adorable as a button. Stone’s most recent post of the couple together was in November 2020. We can only speculate that the two are dating because there have been no official statements about their relationship or lack thereof.

They could be good friends, have broken up, or simply keep their relationship private. Furthermore, because Stone isn’t frequently featured on Barron’s Instagram, all we can do is wait for her to break her silence.

When you’re a hunter, you’re a hunter for life.

The Instagram sensation is well-known for her photos of hunting, fishing, and adventure on her handle. She first gained attention after posting a video of herself catching a massive catfish with her bare hands. Her fans know her exceptional abilities in hunting, fishing, noodling, and other sports.

They have no idea how her interest in these activities arose. The star was born and raised in Alabama. As a child, she frequently accompanied her father on hunting and other outdoor activities. She could identify the local snakes by the age of four, and by the age of eight, she had already killed her first deer.

Being outside and seeing the country made her realize she had a passion for hunting.
She eventually went noodling with her neighbors, catching a catfish with nothing but her bare hands, and she’s been noodling ever since.