Inside Bailey Sarian and Fiance Fernando Valdez’s Break Up

Bailey Sarian and Fernando

Bailey Sarian and her fiancé Fernando Valdez call off their engagement. The social media personality announced her breakup on Twitter on January 24, 2022, writing, “Hi. Fern and I had a falling out. I wanted some space to let it all out. But it’s all over now. Happy 2022.”

Sarian followed up with three more tweets, in which she discussed the breakup and begged her fans to respect the couple’s privacy.

Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez Break Up

Sarian begged her followers not to be nasty to her ex-fiancé and stop sending him insulting messages in the first of three tweets she sent later and to appreciate their relationship for what it was now.
She said that no one was to blame for their breakup and the termination of their relationship and that they did not have a “buy man” in their relationship.

“It’s OKAY if you grow in different directions in life. “I feel we were brought together for a reason,” she continued.
Similarly, she stated in her second tweet that she would always love Valdez and wished him nothing but happiness. She continued by saying that he deserved it.

“Just wanted to add since fern said he was getting a lot of hatred, which is absurd,” she tweeted last.

Valdez has yet to make any public comments regarding their romance or lack thereof, while Sarian announced and explained the breakup to the couple’s admirers. Meanwhile, she made it obvious that they needed to figure things out for themselves.

Bailey Sarian And Fernando Valdez’s Wedding Rumors

Sarian and Valdez appear to be married, according to certain outlets and admirers on the internet. That is not the case, as their relationship did not go to the point of marriage, or at least it was never publicly acknowledged.

Even when Def Noodles announced the couple’s split on Instagram, naming Valdez as Sarian’s husband, several followers disputed the gossip page’s claims.

“Fiancé, not husband!” exclaimed one fan, while another added, “They were engaged, not wedded.”

“I assumed it was her fiance, I’m very grieved for her,” said another. They made a lovely couple.”

Bailey Sarian and Fiance Fernando
Bailey Sarian and Fiance Fernando

Bailey Sarian Began Dating Fernando Valdez in 2013

In December 2013, Sarian began dating her longtime lover Valdez. Bailey told IPSY that she first met him when she was 18 years old and wanted to get her first tattoo from him.

Valdez chose to get down on his knees during the couple’s trip to Paris three years into their relationship. On top of the Eiffel Tower, he reportedly proposed to her with the engagement ring.

“Yeah, I didn’t see it coming,” Sarian wrote in an Instagram post announcing the engagement on May 16, 2016. She also suggested that the idea was unexpected. She flaunted her dark pink ruby ring with diamonds embedded in its golden band in the post.

The content producer wore her engagement ring in multiple videos after the engagement. She did, however, choose not to wear them on occasion. As a result, admirers began to speculate whether she had broken up with her fiancé. The duo has been quiet on social media recently, leading admirers to wonder about their relationship state. And now everyone knows the truth.