Inside SteveWillDoIt And Celina Smith’s Relationship


Smith discussed her OF career and friendship with Bradley Martyn on his Raw Talk podcast. She emphasized that the stigma associated with influencers joining OF was fading and that more people were embracing it these days. She also said that individuals were not required to submit pornographic stuff and that many people had cookery programs.

In addition to her OnlyFans profession, the influencer spoke about her friendship with the YouTuber. Smith said that they did everything together and were “life partners.” Meanwhile, Deleonardis said that he was insane and absorbed by his job, YouTube, and gambling and that his partner accepted all of this. “I am a deranged psychopath.” I made the choice to move to a condo in Mexico two days ago. “That’s a sudden, insane choice that no one makes, but she [Smith] understands it,” the YouTuber said.

When the presenter questioned Smith whether she ever had worries about their relationship working out, she admitted that she did, particularly when Deleonardis was busy with business and travel. But she stated that she realized it was his profession and that it was for work. And, despite his rigorous schedule, Smith needed space from time to time, so it was all about mutual respect and understanding between the two.

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SteveWillDoIt’s girlfriend Celina Smith has joined OnlyFans.

OnlyFans was created in 2016 for fans who desired premium memberships to have exclusive access to their favorite talents. However, for prominent influencers, joining the site has now become a rite of passage. Many social media influencers are flocking to OF in order to increase their earnings. Celina Smith, the girlfriend of prominent YouTuber SteveWillDoIt, whose actual name is Stephen Deleonardis, is one such influencer.


Smith recently addressed fans’ questions regarding her role as an OnlyFans content producer in an Instagram Q&A.
One user inquired about Deleonardis’ reaction to her posting NSFW stuff on Instagram and OnlyFans. She said that the YouTuber was encouraging her to join OF and that he was the one who persuaded her to do so.

Fans were pranked by SteveWillDoIt and his girlfriend.

Another question Smith got in the Q&A noted above was regarding when she and Deleonardis will have a child. She said that she wanted one right now, but that she would change her mind next week. The pair previously pranked their fans by saying that the YouTuber’s girlfriend was pregnant. Deleonardis posted a “Then VS Now” Instagram carousel of himself and Smith on November 28, 2021.


He and Smith seemed to be in love in the first shot, and the YouTuber was stroking Smith’s baby belly in the second. The YouTuber then posted a video on YouTube titled “My Girlfriend is Pregnant! (BABY STEVE).” In the video, Deleonardis, Smith, and their buddies were exploring Mexico. Smith saw a significant baby bulge, but at the conclusion of the video, the OnlyFans model removes the phony pregnant tummy and says it was a joke.