Inside Tommy Tiernan And His Wife Yvonne McMahon’s Married Life

Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan is a household name in Ireland owing to his talk program, The Tommy Tiernan Show, on which he interviews Ireland’s top stars. Most recently, he played the endearing father Jerry in Derry Girls, which catapulted him to worldwide recognition. However, for a guy who is well-liked by many, his personal life has been kept private. The comedian is presently married to Yvonne McMahon. They are very guarded about their relationship and only sometimes open out. Here’s what we know about Tiernan’s marriage to his wife and their difficult family divorce.

Tommy Tiernan with Yvonne McMahon Marriage

Tiernan and his wife were married in August 2009 in Co Monaghan. McMahon hosts The Couch with Yvonne Tiernan, a podcast. In Galway, she also works as a psychologist and counselor. She, like her husband, is no stranger to the spotlight, as she is a member of the folk band The Raines. The band describes their music as a “mix [of] Folk and Americana with lovely harmonies and melodic violin.” They’ve shared the stage with The Chieftains and The Grey Willows.

Tommy Tiernan

“I’ve always sung in bands, but I’ve always had a manager side of my mind, and I ended up having my own management firm and looking after the Chieftains,” McMahon said.

She said that her father recognized her talent for singing and urged her to join The Chieftains. She ended up touring with them for 15 years. Tiernan and his wife have six children: three from their marriage and three from Tiernan’s prior relationship with Jayme Street.

McMahon stated in an essay for the Irish Examiner that she couldn’t love the guy she married any more than she did and that being married to him made her a better person. She went on to say that the actor was one of the most giving persons she knew, not only with money but also with his time and dedication.

Tommy Tiernan’s Divorce from Longtime Partner

Tiernan was in a 15-year relationship with Street before marrying McMahon. When the chat show host was 19, they met via a Christian group in the Aran Islands. They divorced after having three children. Tiernan revealed in 2002 that his hectic schedule as a comedian had affected his relationship. The separation was difficult for the Derry Girls actress, who spoke about it in 2019.

Tommy Tiernan

“I don’t believe I’ve ever really healed from the breakup with my first family.” That’s always a challenge. It’s difficult to step into unfamiliar ground, and my generation was the first Irish generation to split apart,” stated the actor.

He also said that he felt lost since there was nothing or no one to assist him on how to proceed. Tiernan wishes he had greater confidence in his choice to be a parent who did not live full-time with his children at the time. Tiernan has moved on from his past and now lives happily with his spouse and children.