Is Jennifer Hudson Dating Anyone In 2022? A look Into Her Relationship

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson’s public dating career began just before the turn of the century. In 1999, she had her first public romance. Since then, the EGOT winner has only had one verified long-term relationship and a slew of speculations to the contrary. Here are some reports regarding Hudson’s current dating life and how her family life has been after she split up with her former fiancé.

Who Is Jennifer Hudson Dating?

Nobody is aware. When it comes to her dating life, Hudson has always kept her cards close to her breast. However, there have been a few whispers regarding who she may be seeing in recent years. When this topic is brought up, two names spring to mind. Marlon Wayans, her co-star in Respect, a biopic about Aretha Franklin, is the first. Wayans played Franklin’s husband, Ted White, while Hudson played Franklin.

Their relationship rumors began when videos and photos of their rehearsals and on-set activities began to circulate on the internet. People saw they had tremendous chemistry and were fantastic together in and out of character. As the two began to appear in interviews together, rumors about their romance remained long after the shooting was completed and the advertising began. They remarked about how terrific they were as personalities and as people to work with.

Jennifer Hudson

Wayans often mentioned Hudson and how he would attempt to de-stress her after hard workdays by sending her to a spa and other such things. He also said that kissing her in the film was like kissing a cloud and that it was one of the nicest kisses he’d ever had. Furthermore, he admits to being turned on by her voice in one of his interviews. He even referred to her as “boo” in one of his Instagram images, where she was posed with a poster of his HBO Max comedy special, You Know What It Is. Wayans’ overtures at Hudson were also acknowledged by Hudson. He would insist on cooking for her instead of her helpers, bring her chocolates on set since he knew she enjoyed them, and send her on spa days, she said.

Despite this, the two haven’t posted about each other in a while, and neither has appeared together since the movie’s marketing ended. Maybe their romance was simply a fantasy. Will.I.Am was another individual Hudson was related to. This occurred around three years before her relationship with Wayans. Hudson and Will. I.Am featured as a judge on the UK edition of The Voice in early 2017. According to accounts at the time, they met on the sets and started a casual relationship. Then, in January 2018, new rumors appeared claiming that their casual relationship had a significant probability of being serious. This rumor, too, died quietly since none of them addressed it.

Jennifer Hudson’s Family and Relationship History

James Peyton was Hudson’s first lover. They began dating in 1999 when she was just 18 years old. Their romance ended in 2007, and Hudson moved on with another guy within a year. David Otunga, a WWE superstar with a Harvard Law degree, wooed her and they started dating. In September 2008, they even got engaged.

Hudson and Olunga had their first child, son David Otunga Jr., on August 10, 2009. The pair were engaged, but Hudson was not in a rush to marry, as she said repeatedly in interviews. However, their relationship ended before any major wedding plans could be made. The ex-couple divorced in November 2017, and things only got worse from there. Their split became public when media outlets obtained a copy of her protection order request against Otunga.

Jennifer Hudson

He reportedly harassed and intimidated her, prompting her to seek an injunction. The courts cleared his record in January of the following year, but it was presumed they were fighting for legal possession of their kid. The details of their custody struggle are unknown, but David Jr. seems to spend a lot of time with his mother. He is a frequent visitor to her Instagram.