Is ‘Married at First Sight’ a True Story? The Show’s Secrets Have Been Revealed

Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight is a reality television show in which numerous couples matched by relationship experts agree to marry on the first date.

MAFS has drawn a large number of viewers from all around the world due to its unique concept. At the same time, the format has caused many viewers to wonder if the show is scripted.

Is ‘Married At First Sight’ a true story?

Hundreds of times, this question has been asked, and many people associated with the event have responded.

Season 9 actress Elizabeth Bice, for example, revealed in a YouTube video that MAFS producers never encouraged the couples to fight because it’s “excellent TV.”

“That is completely false,”

She replied.

“No, the producers do not encourage brawls… However, we are in a precarious situation. So, we’re working, we’re filming a documentary, we’re working long hours, and we’re married to a stranger who is learning about our lives.”


Because of these factors, Bice stated that the drama was organic and not scripted. She also mentioned that people liked the show because it wasn’t overly produced.

However, for some international versions of MAFS, this is not the case. MAFS Australia, in particular, has a reputation for being scripted.

Married at First Sight
The Secrets about the Show Revealed

‘MAFS’ Australia’s Simone Lee Brennan

While the original MAFS isn’t said to be scripted, MAFS Australia is. Simone Lee Brennan, a season 2 competitor, detailed her experience on the show in a blog post.

Brennan admitted that her faith in the “matchmaking process” had waned after meeting her TV husband.

“My TV spouse told me immediately after the wedding ceremony that he hadn’t dated in years and had never applied for the experiment,”

She stated.

“It became apparent as the day when my TV husband took great joy in inquiring about future front-of-house sports presenting opportunities with the sound crew, camera crew, and producers. To be honest, he wasn’t much that interested in me.”

Brennan went on to say that many of the scenes in the show were made up. Producers, for example, planned and set up dinners to make it appear as if her TV husband had done it himself.

She said that she realized their relationship was doomed as soon as she saw him, mainly because everything couple-like was only done in front of the camera.

“Once filming was finished, I was completely over it.” “I was sick of forced talks that ended suddenly when the camera was turned off,”

She wrote.

“I overheard his one-on-one interview in the next room, in which he conveyed his ‘developing’ affections for me. I was tired of being questioned if I was in love.”

Several other MAFS Australia candidates have also been involved in reinforcing the theory that the show is a hoax. It was initially rumored that Jessika Power had a secret boyfriend while filming the show in Perth.

According to Dailymail, a source said that Power only agreed to join the show because it was “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” and she

“just said yes to raise her profile.”