Is Nick Rhodes’ Ex-wife Julie Anne Friedman Still A Chef?

Julie Anne Friedman

You must be familiar with Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, and Nick Rhodes if you are a fan of the iconic new wave music band Duran Duran. Nicholas James Bates is a founding member and the band’s lone long-serving member. He has established himself as one of the most successful performers with a four-decade career as a keyboardist, vocalist, and producer.

The musician’s working life is widely discussed. Let us now turn our attention to his personal life. Nick is currently unattached. He was married to Julie Anne Friedman, nevertheless. If you didn’t already know, we’ll tell you about Nick Rhodes’ ex-wife and where she is today.

Who Is Julie Anne Friedman?

Nick Rhodes’ ex-wife is a former American model and actress who now owns a personal chef service called The Rovin Stove. She was born in Iowa’s Des Moines. She is also the heiress of Younkers Inc, an Iowa-based internet retailer, and former department store company.
Julie also went to school in Boston and New Orleans before moving to Los Angeles, where she worked as an international model for almost fifteen years. She has been featured in a number of prestigious publications, including W. Elle and Vogue.

In addition, the keyboardist’s former spouse graduated from Dana Hall High School in 1977. Tulane University awarded her a bachelor’s degree in history in 1978. In 1982, the musician’s ex-wife earned a diploma in tourism and travel services management from a travel agency.

Were Married For Eight Years

On August 18, 1984, Nick Rhodes and Julie Anne Friedman married. In the early 1980s, the former couple met at a boat party while the artist was on an American tour. In 1982, the ex-pair relocated to London. Julie went on tour with Duran Duran while also working as a model.

The former model and her husband welcomed their first child, Tatjana Lee Orchid or Tatjana Rhodes, on August 23, 1986, just a few months after exchanging wedding vows. They must have been ecstatic and overjoyed at the time. Nick and Julie are also quite close with their daughter.
The former lovers’ marriage, however, did not last long. After a few years, they decided to take a short break with the goal of reuniting. However, their plot backfired, and the ex-couple separated in 1992. Julie and Nick Rhodes’ daughter was still small at the time of their legal separation.

Nick Rhodes’ Ex-wife Is A Chef

As previously stated, during the 1980s, the former model toured with her husband’s band. She became interested in cooking at that time. As a result, she learned recipes and cooking methods from all over the world.

Nick Rhodes’ ex-partner grew more serious about healthy eating after their daughter was born. As a result, she became a founding member of Parents for Safe Foods in England, a group of worried high-profile mothers. She also contributed to the group’s book, The Safe Food Handbook, which was released in May 1990.
Julie returned to Los Angeles after divorcing her husband and began an acting career. Meanwhile, she hosted dinner parties on occasion, and her friends praised her cooking abilities while also encouraging Friedman to pursue a career as a chef. As a result, she established The Roving Stove, a personal chef service.

In addition, the exceptional chef has received numerous accolades, including Best Newbie Personal Chef in 2003, Best Poultry Burger in America in the Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown in 2008, and Personal Chefs Cooperative’s featured Entrepreneur in 2021. She also served as a guest judge during the Master Chef Season 5 semifinals.

As a result of her job as a chef, Julie Anne Friedman’s net worth must be enormous. Nick Rhodes, her ex-husband, is reported to have a net worth of $60 million.

The Former Couple Has Moved On

The ex-couple has already gone on with their lives following their split. Nick has had a number of long-term partnerships with different ladies. However, he has never married and remains single.

Julie, on the other hand, appears to be focused on her career as a chef. However, it is unknown whether Nick Rhodes’ ex-wife is still dating. However, the cook seemed to be having the time of her life. She has also had a great deal of success in her professional life. So, here’s hoping that the musician’s former partner continues to flourish and be happy in her life.