Is Olivia Pacino Married? Everything To Know About Her Relationship History .

Olivia Pacino

Olivia Pacino is a photographer and actor from the United States. She is best known as the daughter of Beverly D’ Angelo, an actress and singer, and Al Pacino, an actor, and director.

Quick Facts

Full Name Olivia Pacino
First Name Olivia
Last Name Pacino
Date of Birth January 25, 2001
Agw 22 year old
Profession actress and photographer
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Al Pacino
Father Profession actor and filmmaker
Mother Name Beverly D’Angelo
Mother Profession actress and singer
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aquarius
Marital Status Dating
Relation With Ryan Harley
Siblings Anton James Pacino and Julie Marie Pacino
Net worth $20 million

Olivia Pacino Affair With A Boyfriend

She is not yet married. Ryan Harley is the man she is dating. Her partner is an amateur rapper and music producer from the United States. They started dating in 2018. She has posted numerous pictures of herself with him on her Instagram account. Olivia’s Instagram account informed her followers about their connection. She never fails to show her affection for him on her social media accounts. On 4 May 2020, she shared a picture with him in which they seem adorable together. The photo’s caption is ‘It’s been a year and a half…’

Al Pacino’s father.

Alfredo James Pacino, better known as Al Pacino, rose to fame in 1972 as Michael Corleone in the crime thriller ‘The Godfather.’ He was born on April 25, 1940, in New York City, New York, to Rose Gerardi and Salvatore Pacino. Alfredo parents separated when he was two years old, ending their marriage. His mother was his primary caregiver. His mother died in 1962 when he was twenty-two years old. In 1967, he started his professional acting career.

Olivia Pacino
Olivia Pacino (Source: Google)

Beverly D’Angelo is Olivia Pacino’s mother.

Beverly D’ Angelo, full name Beverly Heather D’ Angelo, was born on November 15, 1951, in Upper Arlington, Ohio, to Priscilla Ruth, a violinist, and Eugene D’ Angelo, a bassist and television station manager. She has three brothers and sisters. She started her acting career in 1976 with the Broadway production of ‘Rockabye Hamlet.’ She is most recognized for her performance as Patsy Cline in the 1980 film ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter.’ For that performance, she received a Golden Globe nomination.

Parents Have Love Affairs

In 1997, the pair started dating. On January 25, 2001, they became the parents of fraternal twins, a boy, and a girl, through IVF. They never married and terminated their relationship in 2003, and the cause for their split is still unclear. They both share parental responsibility for their twins and also attempted to normalize their children’s childhoods away from the media.

Graduation Day Memories

Despite the fact that her parents are not married, they both raised their children extremely well without bringing their differences to their children’s attention. They work together to nurture and encourage their children. In 2019, she graduated from Fusion Academy Miracle High School. Her parents were also there during her graduation to express their pride in her accomplishment. Olivia posted a picture of her graduation day on Instagram on August 23, 2019. She seemed to be overjoyed on her wedding day. Her father and mother are seen together in the photograph. That was the ideal family occasion for them. The caption reads ‘It still hasn’t struck…’

Olivia Pacino
Olivia Pacino (Source: Google)

In Papa’s Interview

Al Pacino, Olivia Pacino’s father, has said that he feels extremely uncomfortable with the talk program. However, he shared some of his tales with Jimmy before the performance, alluding to how excellent he is in restaurants. Jimmy inquired how he felt about his Ninth Oscar nomination, to which he said it was interesting for him since they are the big one. Al Pacino discussed his experiences with Oscar ceremonies, including how he could not attend his first Oscar ceremony for his film ‘Godfather 1.’ Nonetheless, he went the following time he was nominated for ‘Serpico.’ He was shooting ‘Godfather 2’ in the Dominican Republic at the time, and it surprised him. Jimmy was surprised to learn that Al was going through a difficult patch and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He was having some difficulties, not with the part but with whether he would be able to make it or not.

Al described how he went with his then manager and producer, the brilliant Marty Bregman, who he regarded as one of the main reasons he is now, his extemporaneous speech since he wasn’t expecting to win the Oscar, and his nice chitchat with Jeff Bridges. Jimmy and Al discussed Al’s movies and R2D2’s manner. His supporters asked him if he’d prefer do business with Tony Montana or Michael Coreleon, and he chose Tony. How does Robert De Niro smell?

He sarcastically replied that he was sick and hadn’t smelled him.

Who’s the best kisser he’s ever kissed in any of his flicks or shows? Al promised Michelle Pfeiffer.

Al Pacino’s relationship with Meital Dohan has ended due to an age difference.

After two years of dating, Al Pacino and Meital Dohan divorced. Meital fooled Al Pacino. She claimed he was an older guy, and it was difficult to be with an older man. She ended their relationship because he didn’t want to spend money; the only present Al Pacino gave her was flowers. They had an almost four-decade age difference.

However, in a subsequent interview, Meital clarifies that what she and Al Pacino shared was more important than worldly goods. They attempted to make it work, but it did not. Meital wanted to have a child and become a mother, but Al Pacino already had three children and did not want to be a parent again. She wanted to start a family, but Al Pacino already had one, so they split up.

Olivia Pacino’s Net worth 2023

She is the daughter of a superstar therefore her net worth is likely to be substantial, but she has yet to disclose it. Her mother is worth 20 million dollars as of September 2023. She can make that amount of money via a lengthy acting career. She has featured in more than 60 films to date. Her theatrical credits are very numerous.

Olivia Pacino
Olivia Pacino (Source: Google)

She has featured in a number of films and television shows, including ‘Accidental Love,’ ‘Shooter,’ ‘Mom,’ and many more. Her father is worth a cool 120 million dollars. He earns that amount of money via his acting and filmmaking careers. He is regarded as one of the greatest actors of all time. So far, he has featured in a number of films and television shows. He is a gifted actor and filmmaker.


  • She was born in the United States on January 25, 2001.
  • Her nationality is American.
  • Anton James Pacino is the name of her fraternal twin brother.
  • From her father’s side, she has one half-sister called Julie Marie.
  • She has an Instagram account.