Is Zachary Quinto Already Married?

Zachary Quinto

Until a year ago, Openly gay actor Zachary Quinto was in a happy relationship with his longtime boyfriend, an accomplished model, and painter Miles McMillan.

The couple frequently shared photos on social media and strolled down the street together. In November 2017, there was also speculation about whether Quinto had found a husband in McMillan.

After the Star Trek actor posted a photo on Instagram of what appeared to be a wedding band on his ring finger, the rumors spread like wildfire. However, the marriage rumors were false.

Zachary Quinto Confirmed He Was Not Married

Quinto explained to ET Online at the time that the ring was not a wedding band and that his boyfriend, McMillan, was not yet his husband.

“If I’m being honest, it’s the only finger it fits on,” he explained. “This isn’t a wedding band.”

He went on to say that the photo of him and McMillan in question was taken at a NeueHouse Hollywood event hosted by their friends, Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband, Justin Mikita. The couple’s organization, Tie the Knot, is celebrating five years of giving back to LGBTQ equality organizations, according to the actor.

He continued, “I’m just so proud of my friends.” “I’ve known Jesse for a long time and congratulate him on his achievements. But, more than that, I’m impressed and inspired by how he’s used it to make a difference in people’s lives, and I’m glad I was in town to help them celebrate.”

Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan Separated in 2019

Quinto and McMillan had been together since 2013, but their relationship ended in early 2019. Throughout their years together, they wowed fans with their chemistry, and many fans wished to see them marry.

A source told People that the couple had ended their relationship amicably. The pair were spotted at separate Oscar after-parties following the ceremony, which sparked the news. Quinto was at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, while McMillan was at Elton John’s party.

Despite the breakup, Quinto hasn’t taken down the photos of McMillan he posted on Instagram. For example, he wished the model a happy birthday in a June 2018 post, writing, “happy birthday to the most beautiful person I know: @milesmcmillan.”

On May 11, 2018, the actor also posted a photo of himself with McMillan and their two dogs, captioning it “family portrait.”

Zachary Quinto
Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto’s Life After Breakup From Miles McMillan

After his last breakup, is Zachary Quinto married? No, such information has yet to be confirmed. He is, however, said to be dating a well-known fellow actor.

He was seen with Brandon Flynn taking Quinto’s dog to the park in Los Feliz, California in January 2020. The two actors, who were previously reported to be single, also drank Maru Coffee beverages. The 44-year-old actor ordered an iced coffee, while the star of 13 Reasons Why chose a hot beverage. But none of them addressed the rumors, and the story gradually faded from the media’s attention.