IST Entertainment Has Announced That VICTON’s Heo Chan Has Left The Group

Heo Chan

Heo Chan of VICTON has officially left the group after an incident involving alcohol and driving. IST Entertainment also released a formal statement on his departure and what fans may anticipate from the K-pop group in the future. On October 11, IST Entertainment announced that, after serious consideration, the vocalist has chosen to leave the group permanently. The vocalist, according to VICTON’s agency, made the choice because he does not want to cause issues for the band and its members.

After being caught driving under the influence of alcohol last month, VICTON’s Heo Chan suspended all operations and issued a handwritten apology. K-pop fans and K-netizens have had different responses to the revelation, with some applauding his choice and others holding him accountable.

IST Entertainment issues a statement after the departure of VICTON’s Heo Chan.

The agency thanked fans who cared for the group in their message. The agency also apologized to fans for “provoking distress” with the unexpected revelation and pleaded for their patience. Following last month’s scandal, IST Entertainment announced that Heo Chan would be leaving the group. The group will currently be active with six members: Seungwoo, Seungsik, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and Soobin. However, since Seungwoo is now serving in the military, the group will be promoted to five members for the time being.

Heo Chan

The band is preparing for their forthcoming event, the 2022 VICTON FAN CONCERT [CHRONICLE], they said. IST Entertainment has also sought fans’ help since the members have been working hard to deliver a spectacular performance for their fans.

VICTON supporters were moved to tears by the singer’s choice.

As soon as the news of Heo Chan’s departure from the group became public, VICTON fans went to social media to share their feelings and opinions. While fans have varied viewpoints on whether or not it was the proper thing to do, the bulk of them has expressed their emotions about it. Some admirers have also said that they appreciate the K-pop idol’s choice to quit the group.

Heo Chan
Meanwhile, numerous admirers are revisiting his finest VICTON videos and moments, arguing that he will always be a part of the group. The singer was arrested in September for driving under the influence of alcohol. He has now ceased all group and solo activities. He also posted an apologetic letter in which he expressed his regret for his acts.