ITZY’s Yuna Is Being Criticized For Using Hip Boosting Pads At The Time Of Promotion

ITZY's Yuna

Yuna of ITZY was recently chastised on social media for supposedly utilizing hip-boosting pads while promoting their recent return CHECKMATE. At all promotional events, the idol was seen with a curvier-than-usual waist. Furthermore, with the publication of the paparazzi photos, people began to speculate that ITZY’s Yuna was undergoing body alterations for aesthetic reasons. Her face features and figure have often been commended. Her actress-like atmosphere has always drawn attention and distinguished her from the rest.

However, people chastised the idol for attempting to alter her genuine body shape. Simultaneously, many followers came up to defend the idol for her decision and instead advocated for less surveillance of celebrities.

Yuna of ITZY has been chastised for allegedly wearing hip padding.

Netizens recently chastised ITZY’s Yuna for allegedly using butt pads to make her waist seem curvier. Netizens chastised ITZY’s Yuna for attempting to change her body image when she is already fairly attractive. Some argue that such a move sets unreasonable attractiveness standards for fans.

ITZY's Yuna

However, several netizens defended ITZY’s Yuna, arguing that she had every right to wear whatever made her feel secure. After all, it all boils down to personal preference. The audience is equally responsible for helping K-pop stars feel secure in expressing their genuine selves. The public, according to the netizens, should stop commenting on and paying attention to every small aspect of the idols’ bodies and instead concentrate on their songs and work.

K-pop is notorious for its unrealistic beauty standards.

K-pop is infamous for having unrealistic beauty standards that border on the impossible. Female idols, who are supposed to be the ideal of perfection at all times, seem to face even tougher norms. Aside from huge eyes, a petite face with a v-line jaw, a high nose bridge, and plump big lips, the unrealistic standards also require them to have exceedingly thin bodies, ideally with an hourglass form.

Women in South Korea who do not have a naturally voluptuous shape are sometimes urged to wear implants to boost their self-esteem. This is a frequent practice in the K-pop music business, where female stars are nearly obliged to wear breast and hip padding to seem attractive during stage performances and music videos. Several former K-pop trainees have come out to admit that they were compelled to wear such modifications, which were not only uncomfortable and inconvenient but also harmful in the long term.

ITZY's Yuna

Not to mention that their self-esteem was so low that they couldn’t go out without turning to these improvements. Christine Park, a former member of the now-defunct K-pop group Blady, once said that female idols required to have a “glamorous physique or a very voluptuous figure,” and that breast pads and hip padding were a “must.” She further said,

“Every time we were on stage, we’d either wear certain bra pads or hip pads to essentially improve our bodies, and yeah, it’s terrible because when I’d return home and take off all the bra and butt pads, I felt extremely dissatisfied with my body and unconfident.”

ITZY made his JYP Entertainment debut in 2019 and was named Monster Rookies of the Era. Their performance of their first song “Dalla Dalla” was so amazing that they got their first broadcast station music program in a record-breaking 11 days and won on MNET’s M! Countdown in only 9 days.

The single’s music video also received a record 24 million views, the highest for any K-pop group debut. CHECKMATE marks ITZY’s best amount of stock pre-orders for an album to date, but it is also just the fourth female group album in history to achieve 700,000 stock pre-orders. aespa’s Girls, BLACKPINK’s THE ALBUM, and TWICE’s Formula of Love: O+T=3 were the only female groups to accomplish this accomplishment.