Jack Dylan Grazer Faces Accusations Of Abuse And Infidelity

Jack Dylan Grazer

Witnesses portray Grazer as a deceptive and abusive character. Jack Dylan Grazer is accused of abusing and cheating on his ex-girlfriend Cylia Chasman. According to images from fan sites on Instagram, multiple parties have been participating in a back-and-forth communication after their split. According to one of Chasman’s Instagram fan pages, she got a series of text messages from Shana, Chasman’s sister, in which she revealed that Grazer was a “manipulative, abusive person.”

What Exactly Did Jack Dylan Grazer Do?

Shana thanked the fan page for their support and said that she wanted to assist her sister by finally putting the truth out there for the world to see in the screenshot provided by the fan page. Grazer allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend for four months by dating an anonymous lady. According to Shaha’s writing, Grazer assaulted Chasman with a hydro flask, aiming for her head. She did, however, try to stop the strike with her arm. Her arm was supposedly paralyzed for six days as a result of the injuries.

Jack Dylan Grazer
Jack Dylan Grazer (Source: Google)

Not just that. He is accused of slapping her many times, throwing a rage, and slamming a door in her face. He also pulled her hair, threw her against the floor and walls, and verbally assaulted her. Later in the communication, Shana confirmed that she saw the incidents personally in her own house. She continued,

Jack Dylan Grazer’s First Accusation of Abuse

Under normal conditions, a post like this on a fan-run page would not have been particularly trustworthy. Chasman, on the other hand, gave this post her stamp of approval and even enjoyed it. Sofia Dossetti, one of Chasman’s acquaintances, had previously come forward with a similar story. Dossetti claims that when Chasman and Grazer arrived at her birthday celebration, Chasman couldn’t move her arm.

A few days later, Chasman admitted to Dossetti that she was hurt at the time because Jack had thrown her across the room and that it was not the first time he had done so. Dossetti added that Chasman preferred to keep things private since she was so smitten with Grazer. In a now-deleted remark, Chasman corroborated Dossetti’s statements. Chasman also admitted in the remark that she was saddened because others were unwilling to stand with her despite the fact that more than five witnesses, videos, text messages, and photographic evidence had now emerged.

Grazer Lawyered Up!

Grazer, for his part, did not make an official statement. Instead, he posted a statement from his lawyer on Instagram, saying that Chasman had made false charges. Chasman was also labeled as a “troubled, immature, attention-seeking young lady” in the statement. Furthermore, neither Grazer nor his mother would file charges against Chasman because they did not want to “complicate [her] difficulties” by providing extensive factual rebuttals or suing her for defamation and other intentional torts.

The statement did, however, warn that Grazer would pursue to the full extent of the law if any of her adult relatives or other persons continued to make such horrible charges against him despite having no firsthand knowledge of the truth. Having said that, this was not the first time the IT actor had been accused of cheating and abuse. Natalia Jauregui, one of his ex-girlfriends, made similar charges against him in 2018. However, after the abuse story made international news, the Luca star has come out as bisexual.