James Gunn’s Friend Michael Rosenbaum Introduced Jennifer Holland To Him

James Gunn

Jennifer Holland, James Gunn’s girlfriend, and he have been dating since 2015. Gunn’s buddy Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor in the TV show Smallville, introduced them. Rosenbaum was dating one of Holland’s friends and volunteered to put Gunn and Holland together. The Guardians of the Galaxy director had seen a picture of Holland and inquired as to her identity. Rosenbaum’s then-girlfriend proposed a blind date to the Peacemaker actress.

James Gunn and His Girlfriend Have Become Engaged

But Holland had never heard of Gunn, despite the fact that he was one of Hollywood’s most sought-after filmmakers owing to the success of the Marvel film. Holland said to The Hollywood Reporter that she was originally apprehensive to go on a date with Gunn.

James Gunn

“James was characterized as a producer-director by her. “I think it was the fact that she placed producer first or whatever, and it just gave me bad sensations,” the actress said. Holland went on the internet to check him up and changed his mind. She agreed to the first date after viewing some of his interviews and deciding he was pleasant enough. Fortunately, the pair got along well and spent seven hours talking about their lives. It was the beginning of something wonderful for both of them. Seven years later, in February 2022, Gunn proposed to Holland on bended knee with a ring and a proposal to which she answered yes.

The director went to Instagram to post a snapshot of his fiancée drinking from a cup while flashing her huge engagement ring. Gunn’s post merely included a wink and a red love emoji, but everyone knew what the shot signified. Several of the happy couple’s famous friends and co-stars congratulated them. “Aaahh Congratulations!!!!!” Meanwhile, Karen Gillan, who portrays Nebula in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy films, tweeted “O.M.G.!!!!!!!” with many heart eyes and red love emojis.

James Gunn

James Gunn and Jennifer Holland Were Working Together

Before they announced their engagement, Gunn’s girlfriend told People about how their working connection drew them closer together. The actress had joined the D.C. Extended Universe streaming series, Peacemaker, with members of Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. She played Emilia Harcourt, an A.R.G.U.S. agent who assisted the Peacemakers with their objective from the communications room. Working on the program with her partner brought them “closer” as a pair, according to Holland.


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“It was fantastic. We had an absolutely incredible experience. Our personal bond was strengthened as a result of the encounter. We’ve been quite fortunate in that we work extremely well together, and it simply works for us.”

She also said that when Gunn originally began writing the series, he had no idea how far he would push her character. But as he continued to write, Harcourt became an important character, for which she was thankful to Gunn.