Jeff Colt- Everything You Need to Know About Him

Jeff Colt

Jeff Colt is a well-known actor who has been in films such as Mulligan Men and Once a Thief. He narrated Dr. G: Medical Examiner (2004- 2012). Furthermore, he is well-known as the ex-husband of actress Neve Campbell.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jeff Colt
First Name Jeff
Last Name Colt
Date of Birth June 3, 1960
Age 61 years
Profession Actor
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Gemini

Neve Campbell is a Canadian actress who has won many awards.

She is a multi-award-winning Canadian actress best known for her breakout role in Party of Five. She is most remembered for her role as Sidney Prescott in the American horror film Scream, which was released in 1996. Her performance in the film garnered her an MTV Movie Award, a Saturn Award, and a Blockbuster Entertainment Award twice. She also received the Prism Award for her work on Last Call. She has several television and film credits to her name.

Jeff Colt
Jeff Colt (Source: Google)

He is married to his sweetheart.

On April 3, 1995, Jeff married his sweetheart, Neve Campbell. They initially met during a presentation of Phantom of the Opera at a theatrical house. He was a bartender, and she was a performer in the Company. At the time of their marriage, he was in his 30s and she was in her 20s. They dated for many years before marrying.

A Quick wedding

Colt was a Canadian citizen but did not have a green card at the time. Campbell was cast in Party of Five and had to go to Los Angeles, so they had to plan a hasty wedding. Colt and Campbell had already been apart for four months before filing for divorce. Colt filed for divorce in 1997, after being married for two and a half years.

His ex-second wife’s unsuccessful marriage

After 10 years of marriage, his ex-wife married British actor John Light in a small wedding ceremony in Malibu. The pair met on the set of the comedy-drama film Investigating Sex for the first time. Her second marriage, like her first, was a flop. After three years of marriage, they divorced.

Is he dating anybody?

He hasn’t seen anybody since divorcing his wife. There are no rumors about him or his affairs. Campbell, on the other hand, is presently dating her lover, John Joseph Field, after divorcing her second husband. He is a British-American actor who has appeared in films, television shows, and plays. They first met in 2012. Caspian and Raynor are the couple’s two children. Caspian was born in the month of August of 2012. Raynor had been adopted. On June 29, 2018, they adopted him.

Jeff Colt
Jeff Colt (Source: Google)

Christian and Alex Campbell’s ex-brother-in-law

He is Christian and Alex Campbell’s ex-brother-in-law. Both have a well-known presence in the entertainment sector. Christian is most recognized for his roles as Gabriel in the film and Geg Ivey in Big Love. He is also a theatrical performer, most recognized for his performance as Jimmy Harper in the musical Reefer Madness. Alex is well-known for his roles in Don’t Say a Word, Dreamcatcher, and Beautiful People.

Jeff Colt Net Worth in 2022

Throughout his acting career, he has made a good living. Despite the fact that he has not acted in many films, he has left an indelible stamp on his performances and is well-known for his work. His ex-wife, Campbell, is a well-known actress who has accumulated a sizable fortune via her successful profession. Her feature film, Scream Five, is planned to be released on January 14, 2022. Jeff Colt’s net worth is about $2 million as of 2022