Jeff Wittek Files A Lawsuit Against David Dobrik For Causing The Excavator Accident

Jeff Wittek

Dobrik is being sued for general negligence and deliberate tort, according to TMZ. Wittek received several injuries in an excavator accident in 2020, including a fractured foot and hip, a ligament rupture, and various skull fractures. Wittek is now claiming $10 million in damages for healthcare expenditures, salary loss, and loss of earning potential.

What went wrong in the relationship between David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek?

In 2020, Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik participated in a prank for the former’s YouTube channel. The aim behind the prank was to use an excavator to pull individuals on wakeboards. People began riding the excavator with the assistance of a rope as time went on. According to Wittek, Dobrik went too fast on his turn and sped up the car to the point where it seemed hazardous. Dobrik immediately halted the truck after realizing his error, causing Wittek to smash into the machine with significant force.

David Dobrik

He was hospitalized for many weeks as a result of the event, which almost permanently injured one of his eyes. Wittek required numerous procedures. Since then, the two YouTubers have had a strained relationship. Wittek detailed his experience in a five-part YouTube series called DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. He said that following his initial hospitalization, David Dobrik did not interact with him:

“I awoke after my operation. A day passes with no text from him. Another day passes with no text. I check his Instagram since it’s the first one that comes up because of the algorithm or something. ‘Oh, I’m so pleased with my life right now,’ he says. ‘My vlogs and everything,’ he was just marketing his vlog.”

Wittek invited Dobrik on his channel for an explanation, and the two attempted to reconcile. During their conversation, Dobrik revealed that it was an accident and not on purpose. Wittek also said at the time that he would not seek charges since the occurrence was an accident and not totally Dobrik’s responsibility.

Jeff Wittek

Wittek, on the other hand, proclaimed in February 2022 that he was done being “false buddies” with Dobrik. He sounded irritated with Dobrik for failing to contact him after his surgery. He even said,

“Nope. Nope. It’s either a text or nothing. Not that I’m shocked. That’s all there is to it.”

David Dobrik later remarked on Wittek’s injuries in March 2022:

“I’m sorry this occurred to you, Jeff. And I wish dealing with this was simpler.”

The words seemed to irritate Wittek, who said that he would no longer “slander” Dobrik on the internet and would “let the court decide.” This was the first time the YouTuber mentioned legal action. He also said that Dobrik was making false assertions and that he wanted to see him own his faults in court papers.