Jen Majura Departs From Evanescence After Being A Part Of The Band For 8 Years

Jen Majura

Jen Majura, a German guitarist, has announced her departure from her long-running band Evanescence. On May 22, the 38-year-old vocalist announced her departure from the American rock band through Twitter.

“I feel compelled to state that none of this was my choice! I have no grudges towards anybody, and I wish Evanescence the best of luck. I am happy for the opportunity to carry nice memories from these previous years.”

Majura, a self-described “half-Asian living in Germany,” joined the rock band as a replacement for Terry Balsamo in August 2015. Majura’s departure from Evanescence was also revealed on the band’s official Twitter account.

“It’s been a really wonderful chapter in the band with our great friend Jen Majura, but we’ve chosen to part ways. We will always love and support her, and we are excited to see what she will achieve next! We are eternally thankful for the wonderful experiences and beautiful music we created together all around the globe.”

Everything you need to know about Jen Majura

Jen Majura was born on June 16, 1983, in Stuttgart, Germany, and was originally called Jennifer Majura Indrasen. In 2015, she became the lead guitarist for the American rock band Evanescence. She became interested in music at the age of six and has been performing professionally since 2000. Majura is also the proprietor of a music school in Brilon, Germany.

Jen Majura

Majura was a member of the bands Black Thunder Ladies (vocalist and guitarist), Equilibrium (bass), Knorkator (guitarist), and Evanescence 2015 (singer and guitarist). She has achieved multiple significant career milestones, including appearances at many of Europe’s biggest metal festivals, including Wacken in Germany, Hellfest in France, and Graspop in Belgium.

She has also toured the globe, appeared on television and collaborated with Blind Guardian in the studio. In 2012, Jen started playing guitar for the German band Knorkator. In May 2014, she became the bassist for the Pagan metal band Equilibrium. Jen runs a successful music school in Germany and has also released solo albums. Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee stated her eagerness to have Majura join the band in 2019. Jen Majura, she claimed, was an excellent addition since she was a vocalist and supplied backing vocals during live shows.

“I am a huge lover of layered voices, and having them better represented at our event has been a huge step forward for me. She also has a lot of energy. She has a terrific attitude, a lively personality, is extremely engaging, and is a killer onstage, so she’s been a great addition to our family. And, of course, having another lady in the band for the first time is fantastic.”

Jen Majura

Majura has released two solo albums to date: Jen Majura in 2014 and InZENity in 2017. Evanescence’s first album after 10 years, The Bitter Truth, was released in 2021, and the Los Angeles Times praised it as having “fiercest tracks to date.” Better Without You was the band’s first Top 10 Rock Radio song in ten years, and their previous single, Use My Voice, was nominated for ‘Best Rock’ at the MTV Video Music Awards.