Jennifer Faith Was Sentenced To Prison For Life After Plotting And Killing Her Own Husband

Jennifer Faith

Jennifer Faith, an Oak Cliff woman who convinced her boyfriend to murder her husband, admitted to the crime in a new federal accusation presented on Monday. According to reports, Jennifer Faith’s “depraved and premeditated” ruse prompted her putative lover to kill her husband by tricking him with false letters stating she was being mistreated and needed protection.

Jennifer pled guilty to the charge of murder-for-hire. She was accused of interfering with justice and utilizing interstate commerce to conduct murder-for-hire. In return for her plea, prosecutors agreed to drop the obstruction count and request a life sentence.

Jennifer Faith had a “full-fledged emotional romance” with the suspected gunman.

Jennifer Lynne Faith (49) was out walking their dog with her husband, American Airlines CEO James Faith, in October 2020, when someone opened fire in their Dallas neighborhood. An unknown guy shot James many times shortly after. Jennifer informed local media that she was stunned by what transpired in a fraction of a second and said:

“Oh my God! If you know what occurred, please let me know. “I need to make sense of this.”


Two months later, she begged again in a TV appearance with individuals who may have information about the event. She said, ”

“My prayer is that one day the individual will understand how wrong they have been and how much they have robbed from me and my kid. He was the backbone of our firm. It was just heartbreaking.”

Jennifer Faith

During the inquiry, Dallas police searched defendant Jennifer Faith’s phone and discovered she was in a romantic connection with the suspected shooter. Darrin Robin Lupez, 49, was identified as the suspect. In a statement, officials stated:

“Jennifer Faith and Darrin Lupez had been having a full-fledged emotional affair and even had a ‘five-year plan’ for how they would end up together.”

Jennifer Faith revealed in court that her lover Darris shot her husband in front of his Oak Cliff house. Jennifer Faith confirmed that she was aware Lopez had been paralyzed by a catastrophic brain injury while serving in the United States Army in Iraq. She used to give him money and gifts both before and after the murder, and she even provided him with two credit cards. Based on Faith and Lupez’s alleged romance, US Attorney Chad Meacham stated:

“Jennifer Faith’s cold-blooded scheme to kill her husband was rendered all the more horrible by the manner she acted after his death. Ms. Faith was conversing with her late husband’s killer, discussing how to cover up their crime, even as she cried for him.”

Jennifer Faith provided deceptive emails as phony evidence of the physical assault

According to the US Attorney’s Office, Jennifer opened a Gmail account in her husband’s name in April 2020 and used it to taunt Lopez “multiple times throughout the spring and summer of 2020, detailing extreme physical and s*xual abuse that had never actually occurred” and attaching “fake photos of injuries as bogus proof of the abuse.”

The next month, she reportedly registered a second phony Gmail account in the name of a friend. The email was sent in May 2020 and stated:

“Jamie smacked Jen…then sent her a picture of him choking her. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to get involved and assist Jen to get out of this position.”

Jennifer Faith

Lopez’s response to the report on May 20 read:

“I know I won’t feel better about her predicament until she’s out of the home and away from him, or until she lets me put a bullet in Jamie’s skull.”

Later, a friend of Jennifer’s set up a GoFundMe account to help the family, but according to the investigators, Jennifer withdrew $58,000 to pay for transactions made on two credit cards she gave Mr. Lopez. Investigators believed they were able to put together the murder’s circumstances soon enough and finally elicited a confession of guilt. Jennifer Faith will be sentenced on May 26, 2022. Lopez is suspected of murder and a related firearms offense by both the state and federal governments. She has pled not guilty to both charges.