Is Jeremy Wade Married? His Personal Life, Net Worth And Career

Jeremy wade

If you like wildlife shows, you’ve probably seen Jeremy Wade dive into deep waters to investigate marine life and catch underwater monsters.

The Mysteries of the Deep host has spent over a decade delving into the mysteries of the deep. But, in doing so, he keeps a portion of his life, mostly personal, out of the spotlight. Here’s what you need to know!

Quick Facts

Full Name Jeremy John Wade
Date of Birth Mar 23, 1956
Age 67 years old
Height/How tall?
6′ (1.83 m)
Profession Television Personality
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Gender Identity Male
Is Married? No
Is Gay?
Net Worth $2 million

Wade’s success did not come easily

Jeremy Wade was born on March 23, 1956, in Ipswich, England, and has had a challenging career. He wandered around with uncertainty about his career choice for half of his life. From a young age, the TV host strongly desired to catch fish. His parents, including a hardworking minister father, encouraged his hobby and allowed him to roam the banks of the Stour River in Suffolk.

Wade, who is fascinated by nature, earned a degree in Zoology from Bristol University. After graduating, he pursued his dream of becoming a teacher. However, the job did not bring him the joy he had hoped for, nor did it provide him with financial assistance. As a result, he quit teaching and began looking for a new career. He even briefly worked for an advertising agency.

Finally, he combined his childhood passion with education and began reporting on marine life, traveling to various locations, and gaining attention. However, by the time his career was stable, he had lost both of his parents.

How He Got Into the Television Business

Wade began his career by writing about aquatic animals. He worked as a newspaper reporter to fund his travels and served at construction sites, farms, and cafes. When he visited India in 1982, his career took a U-turn. He managed to stay in the country for about three months, hunting fish in the great Ganges river, on a budget of about $250.

When he returned to England, he published papers about his fishing trip to India. The documents, which were read by millions, earned him grants from various funding agencies, allowing him to continue his angling adventures in more exotic locations.

He worked on a TV project in 2002, but then fell into a slump. In 2008, he returned to India to continue his research. That year, he created a single-episode program for Animal Planet’s River Monsters.

However, as soon as the show aired, it became a smash hit, propelling Wade to stardom. You Might Also Like: Jaden Smith Keeps Fans Guessing About His Sexuality ‘River Monsters’

Increased His Net Worth in 2023

Wade’s show, River Monsters, quickly became a fan favorite. It’s safe to say that the program significantly boosted his bottom line.

Jeremy wade
Jeremy wade

He has been busy hosting television shows such as Expedition Unknown, Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers, and Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters since the show aired. He hosted Mysteries of the Deep in 2020. The salary from ongoing projects has increased his net worth, which currently stands at $2 million as of July 2023 , according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Jeremy Wade a married man?

Wade may be unmarried. That’s because the 65-year-old has never mentioned having a wife or girlfriend in his decade-long career. Wade is a self-described introvert, and his social media accounts are devoid of any mention of his love life.

To top it all off, Wade has admitted to living alone in his house in the south of the United Kingdom. In a May 2021 interview with Kara Mayer Robinson, he revealed details about his personal life, stating that he lived alone in his house. Wade also mentioned that when he was bored, he went to his brother’s house to meet his family.