Johnny Depp Has Announced A New Album In Honor Of Late Actress Hedy Lamarr

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Johnny Depp just resorted to Instagram to share a photo of late actress Hedy Lamarr with the remark “Soon… X.” Depp also linked the picture to Lamarr’s estate and CMG Worldwide, leading many to believe that the post was about his impending song. Prior to the social media post, Johnny Depp was said to have performed a song named Hedy Lamarr with Jeff Beck in Manchester. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor even shared a video with his followers that included a list of songs that referenced Lamarr’s name.

Johnny Depp remarked during his performance that the song was an homage to the late actress. The actor’s most recent tweet comes after he unexpectedly joined Beck on stage during one of his UK gigs on May 29. Despite his continuing defamation battle with Amber Heard, he continued to play in several venues. On June 1, a seven-member Fairfax Court jury rejected a finding in Depp’s favor, ruling that Heard defamed the actor in her divisive 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Depp received $15 million for winning all three of his claims, while Heard received $2 million for winning just one.

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Everything you need to know about Hedy Lamarr.

Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian-American actress and inventor who was labeled “the most beautiful lady in the world” at one point. She is also regarded as one of the finest actors of all time. The Hollywood legend started her acting career with minor parts in Austrian-German films such as Money on the Street and Storm in a Water Glass. She went on to have a short career in Czechoslovakia, where she made headlines for appearing on the notorious 1933 Ecstasy.

Hedy Lamarr

After abandoning her family, Lamarr surreptitiously relocated to Paris and eventually to London, where she landed her first Hollywood film job with the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer company. Her breakout role was in the 1938 picture Algiers, and she went on to play in MGM films such as White Cargo, Lady of the Tropics, Boom Town, and H.M. Pulham, Esq. She rose to prominence after starring as the title character in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1949 historical epic Samson and Delilah. Her last picture, The Female Animal, was released in 1958, and she was honored with a spot on Hollywood Boulevard in 1960.

During World War II, she also worked with composer George Antheil to create a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes. To counter the potential of Axis jamming, the system purportedly utilized spread spectrum and frequency hopping. Although the US Navy did not utilize the technology until the 1960s, many ideas of the innovation were applied to the development of Bluetooth and GPS technologies. In 2014, the project was also inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Hedy Lamarr died on January 19, 2000, at the age of 85, following a long battle with heart illness. Her ashes were scattered in Austria’s Vienna Woods, as per her last wishes, and a monument was dedicated in 2014 in Vienna’s Central Cemetery.

Johnny Depp announces a new album and song with Hedy Lamarr

Following much speculation over Johnny Depp’s Hedy Lamarr tweet, the actor has officially revealed a collaboration album with guitarist Jeff Beck titled 18. He also made a music video for This Is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr, the album’s first original tune. The song was apparently written by Depp and will serve as one of the album’s original outliners. The song was created as a memorial to the late actress, with the lyrics reading:

“This is a song for Miss Hedy Lamarr, who has been erased by the world that made her famous… “I’m no longer going to believe in mankind.”

Hedy Lamarr


According to Variety, Beck chose to perform with Depp over three years ago after playing the Hedy Lamarr song for him:

“That song is one of the reasons I invited him to collaborate with me on an album.”

The next album by Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck will apparently be published on CD and digital formats on July 15 by the Rhino label. On September 30, a vinyl release is also planned.