JoJo Siwa Is Set To Feature In A Horror Movie Called “All My Friends Are Dead”

JoJo Siwa

With a major horror project titled All My Friends Are Dead, JoJo Siwa is well on her way to becoming a modern-day scream queen. According to Deadline, JoJo Siwa, who previously featured in two seasons of Dancing Moms, has been cast as the lead alongside Jade Pettyjohn, the star of Little Fires Everywhere. Although the picture is still a long way from completion, there is something interesting that might have fans excited about this impending thriller. According to rumors, All My Friends Are Dead will be directed by Saw 3D writer Marcus Dunstan.

Moreover, Deadline has revealed that Film Mode owns the project’s foreign rights. The film’s production is slated to begin in the spring of this year, with casting now underway. JoJo Siwa, who is just 19 years old, may benefit from this in every way. It has the potential to be a defining nightmare of the 2020s.

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Although little is known about the impending horror film, All My Friends Are Dead, according to several reports, will follow in the footsteps of classic horror films, with a group of friends being the main target of a nefarious entity. JoJo Siwa will lead the group. The film will follow a group of friends who get a dirt-cheap Airbnb during the year’s biggest music festival. Although this starts the party off on a happy note, the weekend swiftly takes a severe turn as the pals are slain one by one. They quickly realize that the killings are connected to the seven deadly sins.

JoJo Siwa

Although not very creative at first sight, the developers have a lot of options with this tried-and-true horror concept. JoJo Siwa told Deadline about her role in the film: “It’s a dream come true.”

“I’m really happy about the chance to appear in the forthcoming film “All My Friends Are Dead,…This is a very different project than anything I’ve done before, but I like horror films and can’t wait to get started! I’m also looking forward to working with Jade again. We used to work together when we were younger, and we can’t wait to do this film together.”

JoJo Siwa

The film will be produced by John Baldecchi, the guy behind smash successes like Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U, as well as executive producers Dominic Ianno, Jason Resnick, and Kevin Greutert. Clay Epstein of Film Mode Entertainment and Dan Rubin, CEO of Budding Equity will join them. In addition, Josh Sims and Jessica Sarah Flaum will write the script for the film.