Josh Flagg Just Went Public With His New Lover Andrew Beyer

Josh Flagg

Following his breakup with Bobby Boyd, Josh Flagg made his new lover Andrew Beyer public. The media star announced his romance with Beyer in an Instagram story in which they are seen kissing at a restaurant. Flagg and Boyd divorced in March 2022, and the former said in an interview that they split a few months before the formal Instagram announcement. He admitted to being in another relationship and said,

“After Bobby and I divorced, I started seeing someone.” I wasn’t searching for a date since I was married. We didn’t go on a date until after Bobby and I divorced.”

Despite their divorce, Flagg and Boyd are still on excellent terms. On Instagram, Boyd also said,

“Our sexual connection may be over, but I’ll always consider him a member of my family.” I adore you, Joshua, and wish you nothing but love and happiness.”

Everything about Josh Flagg’s new boyfriend.

Since going public with his new lover Andrew Beyer, Josh Flagg has been trending on the internet. They’ve been together for five years. They began as friends and then began dating. Flagg claims that

“It was a two-way street. For a while, we were pals. It simply occurred naturally. I like him a lot, and he’s a very kind man.”

Josh Flagg

Beyer, like Flagg, is a real estate agent who works with the Aaron Kirman Group in Los Angeles. He went to USC and is friends with Olivia Jade, a social media personality. More information on Andrew’s family and work has yet to be published.

Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd’s relationship history

Bobby Boyd and Josh Flagg got engaged in 2016 and married the following year at the Beverly Hills Hotel. They did, however, announce their divorce in March 2022, with Flagg confirming the news on Instagram.

“Bobby and I are getting divorced.” This may seem sudden, but I decided it was better to be upfront from the start rather than hide the title. This was not a hasty or hurried choice. We deliberated for a long time before reaching this determination. It wasn’t a lack of love, but rather two people developing in opposite directions and desiring very different things for themselves.”

Josh Flagg

Flagg said that he loves Boyd and has nothing but love and respect for Bobby. He wrapped up by thanking everyone. Bobby answered by expressing he would be always thankful for his friendship with Josh. He added that he and Josh had been attempting to find a solution for a few months and remarked,

“We wanted this to be a private affair between us, without the involvement of most of our friends and relatives.” If there’s one thing I can say about both of us, it’s that we did all we could to make this work.”

He is a real estate agent, television personality, author, and contributor to several real estate journals and news sites. His full name is Joshua Daniel Flagg.