Jude Law And Phillipa Coan Welcomed Their Second Child

Jude Law

Jude Law, 50, is said to have had a second kid with his current wife, Phillipa Coan, 35. He is the father of seven children in all. When images of the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald actor with his wife Coan, acquired by The Sun, leaked online, rumors of Law fathering his seventh kid began to circulate.

The pair is seen in the photos wandering through Heathrow Airport with a baby in a stroller. Another lady is seen in the photos pushing the couple’s oldest kid in another pram. According to rumors, Jude Law has had seven children with four different women, including two with his wife, Phillipa Coan. Apart from the supposed infant, his children currently vary in age from 26 to two years (as of February 2023).

Jude Law is currently a father of seven children, including two with his current wife.

Neither Law nor his agents have acknowledged claims that his second kid has been born with his wife, Phillipa Coan, whom he married on May 1, 2019. Nonetheless, the actor has stated that his sixth child, the oldest with Coan, will be born in September 2020. Aside from purportedly fathering two children during his second marriage, the Captain Marvel actor had two boys and a daughter (middle child) with actress and designer Sadie Frost between 1997 and 2003: Rafferty (26), Iris (22), and Rudy (20). In September 1997, the couple married, and in October 2003, they divorced.

Jude Law

After their divorce, Law married Sienna Miller, his Alfie co-star, in 2004, after meeting her in 2003. They did not, however, have any children together. Once Law’s involvement with his children’s nanny was revealed, the engagement was called off, and he issued a public apology in 2005. Their romance terminated the next year.

In 2008, Jude Law dated American model Samantha Burke for a short time. In September 2009, they had a daughter (Jude Law’s fourth child). In 2015, he had his fifth child, Ada Law, with British singer, songwriter, reality TV star, and social media sensation Catherine Harding. Despite the fact that the couple was not dating at the time, Jude Law’s agent said that “both were totally dedicated to raising their kid.”

Jude Law

Apart from his 22-year-old daughter Iris, none of Law’s children are well-known to the general public. Iris Law is a model and actress who has been featured in advertisements for a variety of fashion houses and corporations such as Lacoste, Calvin Klein, and Versace. Iris also became a Dior Beauty spokesperson in 2021. Iris also appeared as Soo Catwoman in the Pistol miniseries (aka Susan Lucas). For the uninitiated, Iris’ godmother is British model Kate Moss.

Upcoming projects for Jude Law

The English actor, a two-time Academy Award contender, has been engaged in show business for almost three decades. His theatrical career spanned four decades, starting in 1987 and ending in 2017. Law will allegedly reprise his role as Yon-Rogg from Captain Marvel in the MCU’s The Marvels (2023). (2019). Apart from that, he is scheduled to have a supporting role in the American fantasy adventure Peter Pan & Wendy.