Judy Sheindlin Got Married Thrice

Judy Sheindlin

Judy Sheindlin rose to prominence as one of television’s most well-known characters because of her highly successful program, Judge Judy. Even though it ended after 25 years, she returned with her new program, Judy Justice. Furthermore, Sheindlin isn’t the only member of her family who appears in the program. Sarah Rose, her granddaughter, has joined her as a legal analyst. Sheindlin spoke briefly about Rose while discussing her granddaughter’s role in Judy Justice. “She will be our family’s third-generation lawyer.” She’s astute, sarcastic, and outspoken. Who knows where she got such characteristics?” It’s clear from her statements that her children have a lot in common with her. Here are some details on Sheindlin’s marriages and family.

Judy Sheindlin was married three-time

The judge has been married three times in her life. In 1964, she married her first husband, Ronald Levy. Sheindlin and her then-husband moved in together live in New York after their marriage. They remained married for the following 12 years and had two children together. They divorced in 1976, and she disclosed a bit about what caused their breakup in an interview with Fox News (via The Sun). “My first husband is a great, lovely guy, but he always saw my profession as a pastime, which I disliked at one point.”

Judy Sheindlin
Judy Sheindlin and her husband

Sheindlin moved on with Judge Jerry Sheindlin after her divorce from Levy. She became the stepmother to three of his children when they married in 1977. Jerry confessed to the LA Times that he met his wife in a pub after completing a murder trial as a defense lawyer. She was a prosecutor at the time, and she happened to overhear his conversation with a reporter. “Judy walked in, pointed her finger in my face, and said, ‘And who is this?'” ‘Lady, get your finger out of my face,’ I said. Since then, we’ve been together.”

After her father died in 1990, Sheindlin and Jerry’s relationship deteriorated. She was dissatisfied with how he handled her emotions, according to The Sun, and threatened to divorce him. Jerry challenged her to go through with her divorce, and so the two divorced. It didn’t take long, though, for them to understand they were destined to be together. In 1991, the pair remarried.

Judy Sheindlin is the mother of five children.

Sheindlin is a mother of five. She became a mother for the first time in 1966, two years after her first marriage when she and Levy welcomed their first child, Jamie Hartwright.  When she gave birth to Adam Levy in 1968, their family enlarged by one. Adam, like his mother, is a lawyer. He formerly worked as a district attorney in New York and Putnam County, New York.

Judy Sheindlin
Judy Sheindlin

Sheindlin married Jerry after her divorce from Levy, although the couple never had children. She became a stepmother to Jerry’s three children, Nicole Sheindlin, Gregory Sheindlin, and Jonathan Sheindlin, after marrying Jerry. Nicole and Gregory, like Adam, are attorneys. Jonathan, on the other hand, is a medical professional. According to reports, he studies ophthalmology and visual sciences. Sheindlin has 13 grandkids amongst her five children. Aside from her granddaughter Rose, Judge Judy hasn’t shared anything about her other grandchildren.