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Julia Lazar

Julia Lazar was born on November 7, 1957, in Vienna, Austria, to parents of Hungarian and Austrian descent. She was probably best known as the lead singer of the popular rock band Exit, but she was also a camera operator, publicist, and manager who handled the Franco brothers’ business. Furthermore, she drew the attention of fans by marrying Tom Franco and co-founding ‘The Firehouse Art Co’ project with him. In 2014, she passed away. Explore more about Julia Lazar Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Relationship, Career & Facts

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name Julia Lazar
Profession Singer
Birth Date 7th November 1957
Birth Place Vienna, Austria of Hungarian
Full Name Julia Lazar
Star Sign Scorpio
Mother N/A
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $1 million
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde

Julia Lazar Childhood

There is very little information about Julia’s childhood available to the public, except that she was the only child of her parents, Marika Nagy, a cook and exceptional visual artist who created many memorable paintings and drawings, and her father Imre Lazar, an appreciated movie director – it is believed that she inherited her great interest, remarkable talent, and sensibility from her father. She met her first love, famous composer and musician Richard Schoenherz, while still in Vienna, and after she finished her formal education, they moved to Bolinas, California, USA in the 1980s. They were quickly appreciated and accepted because they had already entered the artistic world and met a lot of other people who shared their passion for art and the same outlook on life as they did. She had always been interested in music, so she formed the rock band Exit and became the lead singer; the band quickly gained popularity in the area.

Julia Lazar With Her Husband (Source: Instagram)

How Did Julia Lazar Pursue Ger Career? Professional Life

She returned to the United States after graduating, but she didn’t want to leave behind the kind of life she had in India, nor did she want to give up her passion for cooking. As a result, she went to an ashram in the Bay Area, Oakland, where she found her home and resumed running the kitchen, and it was there that she met her future husband and soul mate, Tom Franco, who was the community’s family program coordinator. They began collaborating in 2003 to create and locate a shelter for families from various backgrounds who wished to join them. They became involved in various artistic projects and performances led by the San Francisco cultural initiative, ‘Artship Ensemble,’ after discovering their mutual fascination with art. They became fast friends and continued to work together professionally in the years that followed. In 2005, Tom decided to establish the ‘Firehouse Art Collective,’ which would provide affordable space for artists and, ideally, foster an interdisciplinary culture, and for which Franco chose Julia to be one of the organization’s first managers. Julia became Tom’s constant companion as they grew closer, organizing and attending all of the Firehouse’s events. Around the same time, she began exploring the art of photography, so she photographed all of the collective’s shows and created an online presentation of them. This aided in disseminating information about the organization and, more importantly, in increasing the collective’s influence and the collective itself.

Who Did Julia Lazar Marry? Relationship And Affairs

Julia began dating Tom Franco in the early 2010s. They had been engaged for quite some time before deciding to marry.
Despite the difficulties and large age gap, they realized how special their bond was and how much they loved each other, so they decided to make it official on July 28, 2014. Julia’s illness had progressed to the point where she was unable to leave her bed, so the ceremony was held at the hospital. Nonetheless, Tom made every effort to make the event as beautiful as possible by inviting family members, friends, and collective and ashram colleagues.

How Rich Is Julia Lazar? Net Worth & Salary

The exact amount of Julia’s net worth is unknown, but sources estimate that she earned and kept close to $1 million during her long and successful career as a musician, photographer, manager, and cook. Furthermore, authoritative sources estimate her husband’s net worth to be in the tens of millions of dollars.


  1. Her lucky number is 7.
  2. Her lucky color is gold.
  3. She likes to write songs.