Karina Miller Brother Keanu Reeves Did Not Attend Her Father Funeral

Karina Miller

Karina Miller is a producer and executive best known for her work on films such as To the Bone and The Big Ask.

Quick Facts

Full Name Karina Miller
First Name Karina
Last Name Miller
Date of Birth 1976
Profession Producer and executive
Nationality Canadian
Birth City Toronto
Birth Country Canada
Father Name Robert Miller
Mother Name Patricia Taylor
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Siblings Keanu Reeves and Kim Reeves

Is She Married?

Yes, the woman is happily married. The wedding, on the other hand, was magnificent. Her marriage was discovered when she mentioned her spouse in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. When asked what she preferred to cook, she replied to her spouse. “Lately, I’ve been very into my Lebanese cookbook since my husband’s mother was Lebanese,” she remarked.

Siblings Stars

She has two siblings, Keanu Reeves and Kim Reeves. Both of them, however, are her half-siblings since they were born to her mother’s first husband. Her half-brother is an actor, while her half-sister is a former actress. Kim quit acting after being diagnosed with leukemia. She fought the sickness for a decade before beginning to live a beautiful and joyous life. She wasn’t battling the illness alone. Her brother Keanu was usually at her side. He expected that she would be in good health, so he contributed a large sum of money to charitable organizations.

Relationship with Her Half-Brother

Even though they are not blood siblings, they have a great affinity. They have always been supportive of one another. In 2019, Keanu was seen attending a screening of his sister’s latest film, Semper Fi.

The screening took place at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood.

The brother and sister were dressed identically in black. She sported a jumpsuit, peep-toe heels, and a statement necklace. On the other hand, her brother is dressed in a black t-shirt and a striped suit with matching slacks.

Keanu Reeves did not attend his father’s funeral.

Keanu Reeves’s parents split when he was just 15 years old. Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr.’s father was a heroin addict who abandoned his children and served time in prison for drug-related offenses. He had spent decades pleading with his estranged son to reconnect, but he did not want his father in his life.

Samuel died on January 26th, 2018. His final request was to reconcile with his son Keanu, whom he had not seen or heard from in years. Samuel tried to make up for his mistakes, but Keanu didn’t want anything to do with his father, so he avoided his burial. According to sources, Keanu has also severed relations with the rest of his family.

Keanu Reeves, Karina Miller’s brother, and Ellen had never met before this interview.

Everyone was surprised since Karina Miller’s brother, Keanu Reeves, and Ellen had never met until this interview in 2019. They reasoned that it might be because none of them goes out much. Keanu lives in Los Angeles, and Ellen in Montecito. Because he is more focused on his motorbike, he speculated that this might be the reason. Ellen then discusses Keanu’s film ‘Speed,’ his co-star Sandra Bullock, and her first big break with Keanu.

Everyone has a crush on Keanu, so in an interview with Sandra, Ellen asked her whether she had a passion for Keanu, to which Sandra said that she did. Ellen was surprised to learn that Keanu developed a crush on her when talking about it with him. It was most likely the source of their chemistry. Ellen was interested in whether he ever had a relationship with someone he worked on a movie, but Keanu attempted to avoid her by creating a strange look, which Ellen presumed he did.

Net Worth

As a producer and executive, she must have a sizable net worth. Sparkhouse Media is her production firm. Keanu, her brother, is projected to be worth $360 million as of 2022. Her brother has amassed a stunning net worth as an actor, singer, and producer.

Her favorite room is the kitchen.

Dekor is an interior and landscape design business specializing in antique furniture, textiles, accessories, and bespoke home furnishings. Her favorite room is fully stocked with her preferred kitchenware and appliances. She bought a fridge, a double dishwasher, a stove, and a steam oven for less than the retail price of only the stove. The countertops are white and light gray. They are less porous than marble. The light in the kitchen is from the Atwater Village decor.


  • She was born in 1976. Thus she will be 44 years old in 2020.
  • She is the daughter of Patricia Taylor and Robert Miller.
  • She has a master’s degree in Theatre Management and Producing.
  • She has a tattoo on her right leg.