Kaylee Ramman – All About Nathan Ake Girlfriend

Kaylee Ramman

Kaylee Ramman is recognized as the girlfriend and companion of AFC Bournemouth defender Nathan Ake. She is a jewelry designer by profession, and she is stunning. Status Medal is the name of her jewelry company. She, too, is a blogger, and she posts about her favorite interest, traveling. Nathan is in luck since she is a stunning lady. Nathan has been in excellent form lately, and his defending and one-on-one skills have improved. His quickness and positional awareness distinguish him as a prospective defender for major clubs, and big clubs keep an eye on him.

Quick Facts

Full NameKaylee Ramman
First NameKaylee
Last NameRamman
ProfessionJewelry Designer
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
Relation WithNathan Ake

Moments with Her and Nathan, Dating Like a Dream

As previously stated, she is presently dating her boyfriend, Nathan Ake. The pair complements each other since they are both attractive. She enjoys spending time with Nathan. She posted a photo on her Instagram account on February 18, 2017, showing her and her boyfriend enjoying a good time at Andronis Luxury Suites. The suite features 29 award-winning Santorini Luxury Suites and provides unique experiences.

Kaylee Ramman
Kaylee Ramman (Source: google)

Through Thick And Thin, She’s Been With Her Boyfriend

She is with her partner through his difficult times, and as a result, she receives a portion of his attention during his pleasant times as well. Here’s a photo of them dating in St Lucia, and they both look stunning in their white outfits. One straight from their preferred wardrobe. In this picture, Nathan is wearing a white shirt and she is wearing a white gown. They both had fantastic haircuts.

When they made it official, she formalized her relationship with her partner.

Here’s a photo of the cute couple leaving for a formal ceremony. She posted this on Instagram on May 9, 2018, and both of them are dressed for it. Her black one-piece is stunning, and she looks stunning in it. Nathan has also dressed up in a thin black tie and made a statement for each other, a statement that is created for this pair.

A Lifetime To Share And Memories To Treasure With Probable Husband Soon

When the pair chooses to put a ring on their affair, it won’t be long enough. They may have already chosen to marry since things are going so well for them. Here’s a photo of them holding hands and committing to one other that they would be there for each other through thick and thin, through losses and victories, and more importantly, through strengthening and supporting each other in gain and suffering. She’s labeled this one as “I’ve got you…” and she has taken it seriously.

Kaylee Ramman
Kaylee Ramman (Source: google)

Net worth

Nathan Ake has a net worth of 11 million Euros as of October 2023, which is equivalent to 9.5 million pounds. His current market worth is 40 million Euros, and the amount the large clubs must spend to get him is 40 million Euros. It is equivalent to 35 million pounds, which is an absolutely mind-boggling sum. His skill and potential are being recognized, and Premier League heavyweights are keeping an eye on him.

Nathan Ake’s principal source of income is his paycheck from AFC Bournemouth. His annual pay is a whopping 2,400,000 Euros, or around 200,000 Euros each month. He earns 0.08 euros every second and 4.55 euros each minute. His weekly salary is 48,780 Euros.