Kim Garam Was Removed From The Group And Agency Due To School Bullying Rumors

Kim Garam

Fans of LE SSERAFIM, we have some sad news: Kim Garam has been removed from the group and agency. On July 20, HYBE and Source Music issued a formal statement indicating that the firm had opted to end its exclusive contract with member Kim Garam, who had been the subject of school bullying rumors. According to the agency:

“Our firm has chosen to cancel Kim Garam’s exclusive contract.” We sincerely apologize to our fans and those who have given love and support to the group for generating anxiety due to the member’s dispute.”

LE SSERAFIM will now continue its operations as a five-member group, and the agency will completely support the group’s efforts to advance as artists.

LE SSERAFIM supporters react to Kim Garam’s departure from the group and agency.

Shortly after the formal announcement, the agency issued another short statement apologizing for its treatment of her bullying case.

According to the representative:

“While the agency handled this situation and endeavored to take action with the greatest care and prudence, we recognize that certain parts of the agency’s approach were insufficient, and we regret it.”

Kim Garam

LE SSERAFIM fans reacted on social media to the news of the idol’s departure from the group and agency. While some were disappointed, others believed it was in the best interests of the organization. Some were more sympathetic, noting that they hope the ex-idol learns her lesson from this issue and that the victim finds the fortitude to move on from this pain.

Certain fans joked on the announcement that other HYBE artists, like TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeojun, may now fill the slot in LE SSERAFIM and replace her as the group’s sixth member. To refresh our readers’ memories, Kim Garam was embroiled in school violence rumors before her debut with LE SSERAFIM in April. HYBE and Source Music issued a statement at the time refuting the claims, which started with an online community revealed by an anonymous Person A claiming to be the victim.

Kim Garam

At the time, HYBE and Source Music said that the charges of school violence were baseless and threatened legal action against the star. Person A repeated accusations that the ex-LE SSERAFIM member did various things throughout school, which changed the course of the case. As the claims grew, other people claiming to be the idol’s old classmates came forward to give purported proof of Kim Garam being the perpetrator of school violence.

Following this, HYBE and Source Music announced that she would take a three-week break from promotional activities. She has now been formally dismissed from LE SSERAFIM and the agency. This is surprising since the agency also said in May that they would not remove the member. The organization will now carry on its operations as a five-person group.

Who exactly is LE SSERAFIM?

The group’s name is an anagram of the phrase “I’m Fearless,” and it currently has five members: Sakura, Kim Chae-won, Huh Yun-jin, Kazuha, and Hong Eun-chae, after the departure of member Kim Garam. On May 2, 2022, they made their debut with the release of their first EP, Fearless.