Lamor Whitehead Is Sued For $5 million By Glory Of God Global Ministry

Lamor Whitehead

44-year-old Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead has made news after being sued for $5 million in a disagreement with the Glory of God Global Ministry. The issue concerns the 5904 Foster Avenue property of the Glory of God Global Ministry. The congregation of the Brooklyn pastor sued him a week ago, alleging that he attempted to eject them from the church. He is accused of preventing numerous members of the church from attending Sunday worship.

He rose to prominence after being robbed at his church in July 2022, and again in December, when he was jailed on extortion and fraud charges. Lamor Whitehead is facing many federal accusations, including extortion, wire fraud, and making false claims against one of his parishioners and a businessman.

Glory of God Global Ministry has sued Brooklyn Pastor Lamor Whitehead for interfering with their Sunday prayers.

As previously stated, Lamor Whitehead made news once again when the Glory of God Ministry sued him for $5 million. The pastor is well-known for his extravagant lifestyle, and he is often spotted driving a Rolls-Royce and wearing fine jewelry and outfits. Whitehead was served with a $5 million lawsuit last week in Canarsie.¬†According to the complaint, Lamor Whitehead purchased the property at auction and then unlawfully changed the building’s locks only a few weeks before Christmas. As a consequence, numerous church members were unable to attend their Sunday services. According to the New York Post, in an isolated housing court case, a judge supported the group and permitted them to return to the land.

Lamor Whitehead

The Glory of God Global Ministry, on the other hand, has now sued Lamor Whitehead for $5 million, claiming that he breached the contract by attempting to expel the members from the premises. The church also said that they wanted the Brooklyn pastor to relinquish possession of the land and “be forever barred from claiming ownership” of the structure.

Whitehead paid $1.94 million for the building in a foreclosure auction in February 2022. However, the church’s senior pastor challenged the tax debt that resulted in the foreclosure and maintained that the building was never given over to the Brooklyn Bishop. Whitehead was also accused of taking the building unlawfully and without a formal court order, according to the complaint.

Prosecutors said that Whitehead defrauded members of his own church as well.

The pastor has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and has claimed that any judgment connected to the housing court matter should be put on hold. Prosecutors accused Lamor Whitehead of defrauding members of his own congregation, Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries.

Brian Ponder, his lawyer, has called the latest case “frivolous” and stated:

“[They will] move to dismiss the case and seek sanctions against the plaintiff and its attorney.”

Lamor Whitehead

The Glory of God Global Ministry has filed a lawsuit, demanding substantial damages for fraud, conspiracy, and tortious interference with the two parties’ contract.