Le SSERAFIM Has Finally Announced Its Fandom Name To Be “FEARNOT”


The wait is now over for LE SSERAFIM fans! The fanbase name of HYBE’s newest rookie K-Pop girl group has finally been revealed. FEARNOT was chosen as the name of the fandom after months of deliberation. The agency for the five-member female group, Source Music, recently unveiled the fandom name and explained why it was chosen, which touched the hearts of all the group’s followers.

Fans are well aware that the term LE SSERAFIM is an anagram for the phrase “I’M FEARLESS.” This information was released on March 27 when the group’s name was officially confirmed through a motion release teaser. As a result, the word FEARNOT best describes the group.

Fans react to the news of the fandom name LE SSERAFIM.

Fans of one of the newest K-Pop girl groups, LE SSERAFIM, have been waiting for a name to represent them for a long time. The agency has now revealed the identity of that fanbase, and supporters are pleased. Source Music issued a press statement announcing the news. According to the news release:

“We’re here to introduce LE SSERAFIM and the fans’ official fandom name “FEARNOT.”



The statement went on to explain the significance of the name.

“FEARNOT,” which is a homonym for “blooming” in Korean, means that LE SSERAFIM is moving fearlessly ahead, and fans who “do not fear” loving and supporting LE SSERAFIM gather together to “bloom” every new moment.”

Finally, Source Music thanked all of its followers and wished them ongoing love and support for the band.

“We express our heartfelt appreciation to our “FEARNOT,” sending tons of love to LE SSERAFIM, and we beg for your continuing love and support.”

The FEARNOTs are overjoyed with their new moniker. Many people have resorted to the internet to share their feelings about the new name. The appropriateness of the fandom name astounds fans. Many people liked how the name has dual implications since it sounds like the Korean word for bloom and also means “fear not” in English. Interestingly, one fan pointed out that the band’s members had already alluded to the fanbase name. One such occurrence was star Yunjin, who intimated in a meeting with fans over a month ago that the group was contemplating fandom names.


Others have pointed out that the group’s leader, Chaewon, may have hinted at the fanbase name months before. The idol expertly answered to this conjecture with just an emoji, thus keeping the mystery alive. One FEARNOT has also proposed a unique possible lightstick for the K-Pop girl group, drawing influence from the group’s debut videos and the most recent fanbase name reveal. The rookie girl group band debuted with their album Fearless in May 2022 and has since been one of the industry’s fastest-rising K-Pop acts.