Lil Durk’s Next Album Has Been Delayed Leaving Fans With Mixed Emotions

Lil Durk

Durk Derrick Banks, better known as Lil Durk, revealed the revised release date for his forthcoming album 7220 on February 22. The artist also released AHHH HA, a new track off the album, along with its music video and the cover art for 7220. The rapper confirmed the album’s new release date, which is March 11. Durk’s record company is likely pressuring him to release the album a few weeks before his next US tour, which kicks off on April 8. Durk teased 7220, stating that the album would be released on Tuesday, the same day Kanye West’s Donda 2 was released. However, both albums by the respective rappers were delayed by chance.

What information is available about Lil Durk’s next album, 7220?

Lil Durk


Following his past two RIAA Gold-certified albums, the newest one will likely do similarly. 7220 will be Lil Durk’s seventh studio album, after a two-year hiatus after the 2020s The Voice. While the 29-year-old rapper did not reveal the album’s official tracklist, certain outlets have recognized three songs from the album. Among them are AHHH HA, P*ssed Me Off, and Broadway Girls (Ft. Morgan Wallen). Durk announced the album’s release date on Instagram in November 2021. He said in a blog post that the album would be “The voice in album style.” He also said the album would not have “anthems or skips.”

Lil Durk


Lil Durk’s next album has been delayed, leaving fans with mixed reactions.

Durk puzzled his fans on Monday by tweeting the word “Midnight.” Several admirers of the Chicago-based rapper thought the post hinted at the release of 7220.


Following the album’s release at midnight on Tuesday, several admirers went to Twitter. A few tweets found the development amusing. Some were dissatisfied with the delay and questioned the rapper about it.