Limp Bizkit’s Forthcoming European Tour Has Been Canceled As Fred Durst Had Some Health Issues

Cherish Finden

Limp Bizkit, an American nu-metal band, has canceled its scheduled European tour dates due to the health of its vocalist, Fred Durst. The band went on tour in support of their latest album, Still Sucks, which began in April of this year. The band was supposed to visit the United Kingdom in September. They had scheduled four events in London, including one at Brixton Academy, as well as shows in Birmingham and Manchester. They were also set to perform in Germany, Austria, and France.

In an earlier statement, the band said that the band is taking a vacation from touring owing to Fred’s personal health problems and recommendations from his “personal physician.” The message, which was posted on the band’s social media, also apologized to fans for any “inconvenience” they may have caused.

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Limp Bizkit’s UK and European tour has been postponed due to Fred Durst’s health.

Fred Durst also released a video on his website explaining that he has to do some additional exams. He also said that he did not get permission from his doctor to go on tour.

Durst’s original statement was followed by a video message on his website, in which he says:

“In preparation for the summer tour of the United Kingdom and Europe in 2022, I’ve chosen to undergo certain tests to ensure that I’m in excellent physical shape and that everything is in order. And, to my surprise, my doctor has chosen to issue me a note stating that he does not want me to tour at this time and that I should remain nearby to complete some more testing.

Limp Bizkit

Durst, on the other hand, comforted his fans, saying that the band would make amends, hinting to future rescheduled gigs. These dates may be announced in the future by the band. He stated:

That being said, this was extremely unexpected news, and I’m very sorry. I want to make amends as quickly as possible, and I can only thank you so much for your support.”

More information about the band

Limp Bizkit was founded in 1994 by Durst, Sam Rivers, John Otto, DJ Lethal, and Wes Borland and has received several honors since then. In 2002, they received three Grammy nominations: Best Hard Rock Performance for Nookie, Best Rock Album for Significant Other, and Best Hard Rock Performance for Taking a Look Around.

Cherish Finden

Significant Other, Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water are among their best-selling albums. Take a Look Around and the number one smash Rollin’ were other hits for the band (Air Raid Vehicle). Still Sucks, the band’s sixth album, was released in October 2021. The album is the band’s first LP in ten years, after 2011’s Gold Cobra.