Who is M Huncho? Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Career

M Huncho

The intriguing part is that internet sources have nothing positive to say about him. He is introduced as a musician who hides behind a mask and recounts his artistic journey.

In terms of his music, the majority of his tracks are auto-tuned and gradually progress to melodic punch lines. On his mixtape Utopia, these elements are prominent.

Quick Facts

Full Name M Huncho
Real Name/Birth Name Mujtaba Khan
Profession Rapper
Popular For His Rap Songs
Age (As in 2021) 28 years old
Date of Birth 18th November 1993
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Birth Place London, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Estimated Net Worth (As in 2022) Approx. $2 million

M Huncho’s Mask – UK Rapper, Person Behind The Mask

Many artists have risen in prominence as a result of the growing habit of hiding one’s face for whatever reason. I don’t imply that the mask is the main cause for their success, but a particular mysterious personality attribute piques followers’ interest. When we think of artists who like to keep their identities hidden, we think of Daft Punk, Marshmellow, Buckethead, and Sia. M Huncho, the rapper, has been added to the shortlist of applicants.

M Huncho Wiki

M Huncho like his face prefers to keep his past events and facts hidden from the cameras and recorders. The rapper was born in England on November 18, 1993. You might have guessed his age based on this information. He is 26 years old and belongs to the Scorpio family of constellations.

Huncho also doesn’t reveal anything about his parents. His parents, according to his interviews, are still married and live happily. They most likely dwell in the North-West of London, which is where the rapper describes his house. He also refused to divulge his origin or color, claiming that such information was unrelated to his music. He has stated that his music is not directed at any one demographic or nationality. Huncho’s personality, not his masks, is what makes him a popular figure.

M Huncho
M Huncho


Huncho rose to prominence after appearing on the web show Mad About Bars. Every week, a different rapper was featured on the internet show to perform a freestyle. Huncho’s performance was praised and he was even dubbed “one of the best.”

In the same year, he released Get Out, his debut EP; Huncho’s EP “Mediocre,” as well as 48 Hours, were published in 2018.

Huncho’s music genre is what sets him apart from the hundreds of other artists on the market. He refers to it as a “trap wave,” and it combines street-smart lyrical elements with opulent bottle-service assonance. Looking back at his influences, he grew up listening to UK heavyweights Nines and Giggs, as well as Travis Scott and Future. These artists are frequently featured in his melodic interplanetary hooks. He occasionally listens to Kanye West or Jay-Z’s old-school recordings. These are not fan theories, but rather a declaration from the artist themselves.

M Huncho Net worth

M Huncho is said to have a net worth of $2 million, according to some sources. The rapper’s profits are undeniably derived from his artistic endeavors. His earnings are explained by sold-out shows. His movies and photos also demonstrate his extravagant lifestyle. As seen in his music videos, he also owns some high-end automobiles.


  • The musician is proud of the fact that he has never been arrested and prefers to keep his profession pure.
  • Despite never having obtained formal training, he values education and enjoys reading books.
  • On his official Instagram page, he has over 371K followers.
  • He declared in an interview that reaching rock bottom was one of the nicest things that could have happened to him.
  • He is a firm believer in quality over quantity in music.