“Magnum P.I.” Season 5 Is Set To Released On NBC

magnum p.i. season 5

Magnum P.I. Season 5 will debut on NBC on Sunday, February 19, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Earlier seasons were shown on CBS, however the program was sadly discontinued by the network after season 4. The program has been resurrected by NBC for the 2022-23 television season.

Jay Hernandez will play Thomas Magnum, Perdita Weeks will play Juliet Higgins, Zachary Knighton will play Orville “Rick” Wright, Stephen Hill will play Theodore “T.C.” Calvin, Amy Hill will play Teuila “Kumu” Tuileta, and Tim Kang will play suspended Honolulu Police Department (HPD) Detective Gordon Katsumoto.

Season 5 of Magnum P.I. will be published in two parts.

The forthcoming season will consist of twenty episodes broadcast in two parts. Each section will consist of ten episodes. The first two episodes, The Passenger and The Breaking Point will be released on February 19. The next season will begin where season 4 left off, with the group preparing for fresh adventures in Aloha State.

The forthcoming season is described as follows on NBC’s official website:

“Magnum P.I. is based on the 1980s crime series of the same name, starring Hernandez as Thomas Magnum, an ex-Navy SEAL turned smooth-talking private investigator. When Magnum isn’t working as a security consultant for the enigmatic novelist Robin Masters, he and his trusted squad take on some of Hawaii’s most bizarre cases. Season 5 is sure to provide a host of new experiences, following up where Season 4 left off.”

magnum p.i. season 5

The official trailer for the forthcoming season is below:

In a news statement, Susan Rovner, Chairman of Entertainment Programming at NBCUniversal, stated:

“Magnum P.I. arrives to us with a dedicated audience that we aim to nurture,” says the studio.

In the episode, Jay Hernandez, who portrays Thomas Magnum, reflected on his onscreen relationship with co-star Perdita Weeks, who plays former MI6 agent Juliet Higgins.

He stated:

“This is something new. It’s a genuine dynamic that we now have to debate since we know our beats in the show with our eyes closed.”

He went on to say:

“It just comes so naturally to us now after doing it for so many seasons and being presented with stuff that it’s like, ‘Hey, hang on. How are we going to go about it? Do you have a good feeling about this? ‘Do you think you’re right?’ As a result, it’s a different dynamic. It’s intriguing because it’s something new.”

What is the premise of Magnum P.I.?

Magnum P.I., created by Peter M. Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim, follows an ex-Navy SEAL called Thomas Magnum who returns from Afghanistan and uses his military talents to become a private investigator in Hawaii. It is a revival of the 1980s-era series of the same name developed by Donald P. Bellisario and Glen A. Larson. Tom Selleck played Thomas Magnum in the original series.

According to the show’s official synopsis:

“Magnum P.I.” is a contemporary version of the original series centered on Thomas Magnum, a distinguished former Navy SEAL who repurposes his military talents to become a private investigator after coming home from Afghanistan.”

magnum p.i. season 5

It goes on to say:

“A charming rogue, an American hero, and a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, Magnum resides in a guest cottage on Robin’s Nest, the opulent estate where he works as a security consultant to augment his private investigation firm.”