Mariana Alvarez- All About The Mother Of Julian Alvarez

Mariana Alvarez

Mariana Alvarez is the adoring mother of Julian Alvarez, an Argentine-born professional footballer who plays as a striker for Manchester City and the Argentina national side.

Quick Facts

Full Name Mariana Alvarez
First Name Mariana
Last Name Alvarez
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality Argentine
Birth Country Argentina
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Gustavo Alvarez
No Of Children 3


Mariana married her husband Gustavo Alvarez many years ago. Her spouse worked as a cereal mill truck driver. They have three children, Agustin, Rafael, and Julian, from their marriage in the little community of Calchin, Argentina. Julian is the youngest of their three children, while Agustin is the oldest. They totally support their children’s ambitions as parents.

Agustin tried out for top-flight team Colon, but his career was cut short due to a knee injury, so he completed his studies and finished with a degree in accountancy. Rafael, their oldest son, just married his long-term love, Agus Ulla, in a stunning wedding ceremony on July 1, 2022.

Julian’s early career and moniker were discussed by her and her husband.

Mariana, her husband Gustavo, and their kids Agustin and Rafael spoke about Julian’s childhood and how he received his moniker. All three of their kids, Agustin, Rafael, and Julian, played football as children. Mariana claims that all three of them were completely in love with football and played in every room of the house, garage, and field and that she had to yell at them at night because they would still be out playing and refused to go. Julian followed Agustin and Rafael to Atletico Calchin and played with them.

Mariana Alvarez

He would score a lot of goals in every match while in football school, which set him apart from the other older youngsters. Rafael said that seeing Julian score several goals is nothing new to him and Agustin, as they have witnessed at Atletico Calchin every weekend. Julian is known as “La Arana,” which translates to “the spider.” He was given the moniker as a child because he seemed to have several legs. Gustavo described taking the ball from Julian as difficult. Despite his little stature, he used to move incredibly quickly, and taking the ball away from him seemed impossible.

He was also noticed by other teams, and when they came to Calchin, they constantly asked whether Little Spider was playing or not. Since then, he has been referred to as “La Arana.” Julian had tryouts with Real Madrid when he was 11 years old, and his team won, but despite the fact that he was only 11 at the time, and the club only signed boys aged 13 to 17, the director of the young academy told them Julian could remain.

When he reached 15, he told his father that if the club wanted to sign him, he would accept it, and he joined River Plate from Atletico Calchin in 2016 before progressing to the senior team in 2018. In his sixth match with River Plate, he won the Copa Libertadores with six goals in an 8-1 win against Alianza Lima.

Julian Alvarez


Her son Julian gave his first coach a beautiful new vehicle.

Rafael Varas, Julian’s first coach, saw that Julian was born to play football and would go on to become a global star the minute he watched him defeat four or five adversaries and score a rabona goal when he was only eight or nine years old. Varas denies being his coach, claiming that he cannot manage a player like him and can only advise him. Varas, who was also a delivery driver at the time, burst into tears when Julian presented him with a brand new vehicle after discovering that the van he was driving was too large. Alvarez’s father appeared outside his home in the fall of 2020 to offer him the keys to his new vehicle.