Marla Gibbs- Everything You Need To Know About Her

Marla Gibbs

Marla Gibbs is best remembered for her role in The Jeffersons as Florence Johnston. She has had a renowned acting career spanning five decades. Her credits include television appearances, film roles, and live performances. Following the death of her friend and costar Sherman Hemsley, better known to millions as George Jefferson, Marla is one of the few surviving cast members of The Jeffersons. Her other acting credits include 227, Martin, and the 2000 film The Visit.

Marla Gibbs’s Age

How Old Is She? Despite reaching ninety last year, the actress claims to be in her forties. She defined her June 14th birthday as her third time reaching the age of thirty (as per Page Six.) “You have to realize that we are both physical and spiritual creatures,” the Walk of Fame star added. “And since we, as spiritual beings, have time but no age, I choose to vibrate at 30.” She went on to say that her vitality at such an advanced age shows her that she may work as long as she wishes.

Marla Gibbs
Marla Gibbs

As a consequence, she rejects the prospect of retirement. The Madea’s Witness Protection actress is now shooting Days of Our Lives as Jackée Harry’s mother. Gibbs can’t believe that the majority of The Jeffersons’ cast has died. She has the impression that she may just switch on the television and see all of them as if they were still there with her. “I communicate with them on occasion.” “I’ll think about Roxie and simply chat to her while driving,” Gibbs said (as per Black Doctor.)

Is Marla Gibbs Still Alive Following the HWOF Incident?

Following an incident during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Gibbs is “doing fine.” The 90-year-old actress seemed to pass out while delivering a remark at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in July 2021 due to the scorching heat in Los Angeles. When the event occurred, she was making a speech from the platform during the presentation of her Walk of Fame star.

A guy from her group of visitors stepped in quickly to protect Gibbs from falling. Angela Gibbs, her daughter, hurried to the microphone to explain that her mother needed some time to “cool off.” The actress quickly returned to the stage, stating that she had been overcome by the heat and excitement of the day. “I simply felt overwhelmed for a second,” the celebrity said. “I haven’t been this thrilled in a long time!” The ceremony and incident were seen by Norman Lear, the famous TV producer who helped launch Gibbs to prominence.


The actress took a break as the 2,6978th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was presented in her honor. Gibbs’ star was recognized on television and was partly installed by her “great-great-grandchildren.” Gibbs is now a proud grandma to two grandkids. She is also a member of Cameo, a video-sharing website. In the aforementioned Page Six piece, she said that she had started taking marijuana a few years ago to help her sleep but had since stopped since it didn’t help much.