Matthew Kaplan Disguised As A Alex Cooper’s New Boyfriend Mr Sexy Zoom Man

Mr Sexy Zoom Man

Mr. Sexy Zoom Man has been a mystery since Alexandra “Alex” Cooper presented him as her new lover on her renowned Call Me Daddy podcast in the year 2020. Cooper has repeatedly bragged about her personal life since the first time she mentioned him, but she has never revealed the name of her companion. Instead, she has always gone by the moniker Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, which is characteristic of the podcaster, who refers to her ex-boyfriends with code names like Red Sox, Door #3, and Slim Shady. But the more Cooper keeps her personal life a secret, the more her admirers figure out how to solve the riddle, and they’ve already worked out who could be the guy behind the Zoom moniker.

Mr. Sexy Zoom Man: Who Is He?

Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is said to be none other than the famous Matthew Kaplan, also known as Matt Kaplan. The theories are based on two important considerations. First and foremost, the celebrity presenter stated that her lover is a film producer. What do you think? Kaplan is also a film producer, having worked on films such as Time Cut, Body Cam, Versus, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Matt Henry Kaplan and Alex Cooper’s dog revealed everything.

Mr. Sexy Zoom Man’s dog, Henry, is the second important clue. Cooper has featured the pooch on her social media pages many times and presented the puppy on her show. But it isn’t all. Cooper even sparked outrage in June 2021 when he licked the dog’s tongue. But, squabbles aside, the intriguing element is that Henry is linked to Kaplan in a big way.

Mr Sexy Zoom Man
Mr Sexy Zoom Man dog (Source: Google)

On February 20, 2021, Ace Entertainment disclosed on Twitter that Henry was Matt Kaplan’s dog. The update also referenced Henry’s appearance in Kaplan’s film To All the Boys. The Henry in the message and the Henry on Cooper’s social media profiles, whom she described as her boyfriend’s pet, are, without a doubt, the same. Despite the significant evidence, no definitive conclusion can be formed on Cooper’s new beau’s identity until she or her lover, perhaps Kaplan, breaks the silence on the topic. On Kaplan’s IMDb profile, the site quickly announced that he has been married to Alexandra Cooper since February 3, 2021, which also happens to be the day Cooper tweeted that she had a boyfriend for real.

Mr. Sexy Zoom Man’s Symbolism

Cooper had a plausible excuse for naming her guy “Sexy Zoom Man.” According to her reports, she met her business partner for the first time on Zoom during the epidemic. Right now, the 27-year-old is smitten with his charisma. Soon after, the duo met for dinner in Los Angeles, her boyfriend’s hometown, and hit it off right away. Cooper acknowledged to Bustle in July 2021 that her current lover was significantly superior to the rest of her ex-boyfriends. The Boston University graduate went on to say that he accepted her professional choice and recognized the need for privacy, which had been a major issue in all of her past relationships. She also said that she would continue to discuss their love life on her podcast while avoiding naming her lover for as long as possible. “It’s intriguing,” she said towards the conclusion of the discussion.