Who is Melanee Raney? Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Marriage, Husband

Melanee Raney

Melanee Raney is an Anchorage, Alaska-based ski guide and rafting business owner. She is best known to the general public as the younger sister of Misty Raney, an American reality star, host, and producer, and the daughter of Marty Raney, an American reality star, host, and producer.

Melanee Raney’s Net Worth

The exact size of Melanee’s fortune is unknown. She may have earned sufficient funds to live comfortably. Her lucrative job provides the majority of her income. Meanwhile, Marty Raney, her father, is worth around $1 million. He most likely made a lot of money as a producer and host of his reality show. Marty also owns a forty-acre piece of Alaskan property.

Melanie’s younger sister, Misty Raney, has a net worth of around $400,000 as of September 2023. The majority of her revenue came from her reality series. In addition, the reality star, along with her husband and children, lives a luxury lifestyle. Misty is said to own lavish homes in Alaska and Hawaii, according to speculations. Furthermore, the Raney family is believed to get $100,000 for each show.

 Melanee Raney Husband, Marriage

The 64-year-old lady’s husband, Ari Stiassny, had a great married life with her. There are no other details regarding their marriage or dating history available. The couple’s three children are Mia, Col Dov, and Taz. After meeting at her parents’ meeting, Marty Raney and Mollee Raney married in 1974. The pair is still married and living happily ever after. The wonderful couple’s four children were Misty, Melanee, Miles, and Matt.

Melanee’s younger sister, Misty Raney, is also married. In the year 2000, she married Maciah Bilodeau. The lovely couple is constantly photographed, and their chemistry is obvious. The couple’s son, Gauge Raney, is also a part of the family.



As previously indicated, Melanee owns and operates a rafting company in Anchorage, Alaska. She had previously worked as a hiker. Without a doubt, her father influenced her. Marty Raney, her father, used to be a Denali mountain guide. He spent the majority of his life as an Alaskan Survivalist. He’s also hosted shows including Raney Ranch and Discovery’s Homestead Rescue. Since she was 15, Melanee has also been teaching piano and guitar.

Her sister, Misty Raney, is well-known for her appearances in Homestead Rescue, Homestead Rescue: Deconstructed, Homestead Rescue: Building a Legacy, Homestead Rescue: Hacks Revealed, and other shows.