Melissa Barrera Is Featured As The Lead Actress In “Keep Breathing.”

Melissa Barrera

Keep Breathing, Netflix’s new survival thriller starring Mexican actress and singer Melissa Barrera, promises to be an intriguing watch. Netflix has now published the narrative and teaser for the limited series, and fans are ecstatic to see that Barrera will play the major role. With titles like Scream to her credit, the actress is reaching new heights, and her latest film is set to make even more waves.

The plot revolves around Liv, a young lady portrayed by the famed Barrera who is the sole survivor of an aircraft catastrophe. What follows is a drawn-out fight between Liv and the wilderness, as well as her own demons, which have now returned to haunt her.

Who is Melissa Barrera?

Melissa Barrera is a well-known Mexican actress who began her career in the Mexican musical Romeo y Julieta, in which she portrayed Julieta. She has been in various telenovelas, but her major break as Olvido in Siempre Tuya Acapulco was her first starring part, which earned her acclaim. As a result, she became the face of Mexican television.

Melissa Barrera

Barrera joined the film business after distinguishing herself on television. She received critical praise for her performance as Vanessa in the musical drama film In the Heights. She is also well-known for her performance in Sam Carpenter’s slasher horror flick Scream (2022). Melissa Barrera will return in Scream 6 in 2023. She can now be seen in Netflix’s forthcoming Keep Breathing.

What is the story of Keep Breathing about?

Keep Breathing is a survival drama series that differs from Lost and Yellowjackets, and is more in line with films like Into the Wild. Following the narrative of a young attorney called Liv (Melissa Barrera) who survives an aircraft disaster, the film focuses on the interpersonal, physical, and psychological struggles that the victim must continually navigate in order to remain anchored in reality and avoid going mad.

Netflix has provided an official description for the series, which reads:

“After her private jet crashes in the desolate Canadian frontier, Liv, a lone survivor and New York lawyer, must face a harsh nature as well as prior psychological traumas to survive.”

The trailer, which was published in June, may also be seen here:

The video begins with an aerial image of Liv sleeping inside a private jet drifting over the woods. Following that, there are memories from Liv’s past, which are suddenly interrupted by the plane’s warning sirens. Liv is the sole passenger surviving when the jet is forced to perform an emergency landing that goes awry, smashing the plane into a lake.

Melissa Barrera

The clip, which is riddled with flashbacks from Liv’s past and images from the present, only gives a peek at the physical and psychological obstacles that Liv is now forced to cope with on her own. She must now not only survive the environment but also confront her traumas and her demons, which periodically resurface. We have yet to find out if Liv will endure the hard test or give up in the face of such a massive obstacle. The Netflix thriller is a must-see, thanks to showrunners Martin Gero and Brendan Gall. Don’t miss the Melissa Barrera-starring film on Thursday, July 28, 2022.