Mr Knightowl Passed Away At The Age Of 62

Mr Knightowl

Mr. Knightowl, who is a Latin rapper, has died. The musician was 62 years old when he died. He died in San Diego, according to reports. The singer is said to have died as a result of covid problems. Mr. Knightowl Ramon Corona, a San Diego native, was a pioneer of Latin rap. He started rapping in 1993, using under the stage name “Mr. Knightowl.” The rapper rose to prominence when his song “Daddy I’m In Love With A Gangster” became the most played on radio stations. According to reports, he motivated Hispanic music fans to take up a microphone.

Who exactly is Mr. Knightowl?

Tijuana, Mexico, is where the Chicano rapper was born. Following the release of his songs, he soared to prominence in the United States. Despite preferring to sing in English, the rapper has also recorded Caló (Chicano) and Spanglish recordings. Chicano rap is a subgenre of hip-hop music. It often incorporates elements of Chicano and Southwest Mexican American culture.

Mr Knightowl

Following his popularity, the rapper has worked with a number of well-known artists, including Eazy-E, Lil Rob, Mr. Criminal, David Salad, Big Syke, Daz Dillinger, Kid Frost, and others. Eazy-Ruthless E’s Records intended to sign the rapper, along with DJ Mikeski and Mr. Lil One, in 1994. This was a response to Deathrow Records’ Suge Knight and Dr. Dre. Eazy-E was supposed to sign the vocalist. It was cut short, however, owing to his death. Columbia Records also signed the vocalist. However, in order to have total creative freedom, he decided to launch his own label, Sawed-Off Records.

Mr Knightowl

The rapper also claimed to be the first gangster rapper to write a love song, which became a mainstay in the West Coast’s gangster rap genre. His Spotify profile said that he had 84,246 monthly listeners. According to Showbizcorner, the rapper’s net worth is believed to be $5 million.