Natalia Dyer’s Fans Defended The Actress When A TikTok Surgeon Suggested Her For Plastic Surgery

Natalia Dyer

Natalia Dyer is being lauded on social media after TikTok cosmetic surgeon and practitioner Miranda Wilson released a video on social media explaining what plastic surgery she would prescribe to the actress. Fans said that the actress was naturally attractive and did not need cosmetic surgery in the video, which has since been removed. The TikTok surgeon’s video displayed a fake picture of Natalia Dyer after she got the prescribed surgeries, and many people noted that Natalia Dyer didn’t require any cosmetic surgery at all.

 Natalia Dyer’s cosmetic surgery alternatives are suggested by a surgeon on TikTok.

Mirana Wilson may be heard stating in the video:

“All right, boys. Let us now discuss Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things. First and foremost, she nailed it in Stranger Things. So, if I were Natalia’s injector, I would do this.”

Natalia Dyer

Wilson then went on to offer cosmetic surgeries to the actress, including chin filler, lip filler, brow lift, and botox. She continued, saying:

“We’d start with masseters to help slim the face.” Following that, I would use chin filler to help fill up her chin. I’d put a little amount on the lips, and then we’d go in there and apply a little botox. I’d give her a beautiful brow lift to help her eyes open up.”

She then provided before and after photographs of the Stranger Things actor, revealing what she would look like after undergoing all of the prescribed cosmetic treatments.

Natalia Dyer’s fans defended her when a surgeon recommended botox and other cosmetic procedures.

When they saw the footage, they were angry. Many people stated that the actress would seem unnatural as a result of these surgeries. Others said she was already “drop dead stunning” and didn’t need any changes.

One Twitter user said:

“I could never be a star because I would go violent if someone created a video like this on me.”

Natalia Dyer

Others expressed surprise when they saw the findings. One individual wrote on Twitter:

“Omg I practically shouted when I saw the surprise. frightening. This lady must be attempting to make everyone appear bad so she can be the prettiest person on the planet.”

On social media, a few people defended Natalia:

Many people spoke out against physicians utilizing a celebrity’s image for commercial purposes. Others argue that contemporary society demands all women to have comparable face characteristics, which seems to be contributing to an increase in the use of injections and cosmetic surgery. Miranda Wilson removed the video after receiving widespread criticism. Netizens want the cosmetic surgeon to apologize for producing the video.