Nate Bargatze Told Several Stories About His Family On His Show

Nate Bargatze

Nate Bargatze’s humor is often inspired by his interactions with his wife and children. In his presentations throughout the years, he has revealed numerous anecdotes about his family. Bargatze has also divulged numerous details about his personal life, including how he met his wife, via these programs.

Nate Bargatze Met His Wife At Applebees

Bargatze and his wife, Laura Bargatze, met for the first time. They were both in their early twenties and working as waiters at the institution at the time. Initially, they were simply friends, but The Little Mermaid’s music pulled them together. Laura told the anecdote on a Nateland podcast episode. “We were at Applebee’s with pals, and everyone was heading out… After work, it was just buddies. He turned on the music from The Little Mermaid and urged his companions to ‘Shush, shush.’ ‘I’m listening to this music,’ says the speaker “She disclosed.

Nate Bargatze

Laura viewed Bargatze’s behavior as “completely confident” and “awesome” at the moment. They started dating when he was 21, and he has made many jokes about it. Laura has not only been the source of most of his hilarious content, but she has also played a critical part in his career. Despite the fact that they met before his career as a comedian took off, she has been there for him every step of the way. Her LinkedIn profile states that she is presently employed as a talent manager at Bargatze Enterprise. She is also an executive producer for Bargatze’s podcast Nateland.

Nate Bargatze and Wife Welcome Daughter

On October 13, 2007, the comedian and his wife married. While he hasn’t disclosed the precise date of their marriage, he did wish her a happy 14th anniversary in 2020. On one of his broadcasts, he even mentioned having his wedding on a specific day. The comedian claimed that finding a location for his wedding would be simple since no one had reserved any hours on Friday the 13th. Harper Blair Bargatze, the couple’s first and only child, was born in 2012, five years after their marriage.

Nate Bargatze

She, like him, was born in Tennessee, which was one of the inspirations for his Netflix comedy special The Tennessee Kid. “I suppose you could call it me. Then then, it might be my daughter. It’s probably both of us. We’re both from Tennessee. To be honest, I merely wanted ‘Tennessee’ in the title of the program “He said. Harper has appeared in his Instagram photos in addition to influencing the name of his program and regularly being the topic of his jokes. She has participated in a number of promotional videos for his gigs and even introduced him to The Tennessee Kid.