NCT’s Yuta Is Set To Feature As The Lead Actor In “Play it Cool, Guys”

NCT’s Yuta

Ten Asia, a South Korean media source, announced on March 3, 2023, that NCT’s Yuta had been verified to appear as the protagonist in the forthcoming Japanese serial, Play it Cool, Guys. The drama is based on the manga series Cool Doji Danshi and looks into the lives of four major characters whose faiths are intertwined. Through their growing relationship, the four protagonists in Play it Chill, Guys learn the essence of existence.

Fujioka Maito, Sakurada Dori, and Kawanishi Takumi star in the thriller, which also stars NCT’s Yuta. Kokone Nata produced the manga series Cool Donji Danshi.

Yuta from NCT will play a 20-year-old university student in the film, “Play it Cool, Guys”

In the slice-of-life drama, NCT’s Yuta will portray the role of Ichikura Hayate, an endearing 20-year-old university student. Despite his good looks and charisma, the character is awkward and frequently humiliated when he makes an error. While he appears strong on the outside, he is a sensitive individual on the inside. The program will follow NCT’s Yuta’s character as he navigates his everyday challenges and moves on with his life.

NCT’s Yuta

Meanwhile, Fujioka Maito will portray Futami Shun, a muscular high school student. The 17-year-old behaves as if he did everything on purpose, and the comic depicts him as a sports enthusiast. Sakurada Dori will play Mima Tayayukuri’s salaryman, who is characterized as unconcerned even when he makes errors. Because he does not feel at ease with his workplace coworkers, the 27-year-old will become involved with high school and college pupils.

According to the manga series and its plot, the three characters will be joined by Kawanishi Takumi, an upbeat student who enjoys his life and is presently registered at a professional design school. Audiences are already excited for the forthcoming slice-of-life drama, in which four major characters from various origins come together to fix their individual problems and live everyday life.

Netizens are also anxiously awaiting the return of NCT’s Yuta as a performer and are unable to control their enthusiasm. Many people turned to social media to express their feelings.

One follower tweeted:

“I’m so pleased of you, Yuta!” You’ve gone a long way for this! I can’t express how much I adore you!”

Another admirer shared their joy at seeing Yuta advance in his career:

“In April, they revealed that Yuta would be the primary adversary in High&Low The Worst X, and now, in March, they declared that Yuta will be in Play It Calm, People. We haven’t had Ryo Suzaki for a year, and now he has another character to perform, Hayate Ichikura.”

More on Yuta from NCT

Yuta, SM Entertainment’s first Japanese star, joined the K-pop boy group NCT 127 in 2016 as the main performer, singer, and lyricist. In 2022, he made his starring début as the protagonist in the Japanese film HIGH&LOW THE WORST CROSS.

NCT’s Yuta

Yuta from NCT has featured in a variety of programs, including NCT Life, Idol Party Abnormal Summit, and others. The star has also appeared in several Japanese publications, including PMC, Numero TOKYO, Ginger, and others. The forthcoming comedic and slice-of-life thriller Play it Cool, Guys will debut on April 14 JST, and will be available on Netflix every Friday.