Pandora Delevingne Fought A Long Battle With Heroin Addiction

Pandora Delevingne

Pandora Delevingne is the mother of supermodels Cara and Poppy, as well as a former Selfridges personal shopper.

Quick Facts

Full Name Pandora Delevingne
First Name Pandora
Last Name Delevingne
Date of Birth June 28, 1959
Age 63 years
Nationality British
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Cancer
Marital Status Married
Spouse Charles Hamar Delevingne
No Of Children 5
Siblings Charles Greville, Vincent Stevens, Melinda Armyne Stevens, and Rupert Sebastian Jocelyn Stevens
Married Date 1983

Her Spouse and Children

She is married to Charles Hamar Delevingne, a property developer. She met her hubby at Royal Ascot when she was 22 years old. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with him. In 1983, the pair tied the knot. Together, the husband and wife have four children. Their names are Cara Delevingne, Poppy Delevingne, Chloe Delevingne, and Alexander Jaffe.

Pandora Delevingne
Pandora Delevingne (Source: google)

Her Daughters’ Relationship

She has a close bond with all of her daughters. Even though all of her daughters are grown up and well-established, they are still treated as small girls by their mothers. Going back in time, she recalls how her oldest daughter Chloe liked to sit quietly and read a book. Poppy, her second kid, was keen to make friends. She was the epitome of a ladies’ girl. Cara, her youngest kid, was the brave one. She didn’t look back as she marched past the school gates.

What happened to her children?

Chloe, her oldest daughter, is a socialite and philanthropist. Edward Grant is her husband. The couple has been together for six years. Poppy, her other daughter, is an English model and actress. Since 2014, she has been married to James Cook. Cara, her eldest daughter, is a model, actress, and singer. She is not yet married. However, she has a connection with her girlfriend, Ashley Benson. After a year of dating, she announced her relationship with Benson in June 2019. The duo has been inseparable since.

Pandora Delevingne
Pandora Delevingne (Source: google)

Was she a drug user?

She had a long struggle with heroin addiction. Her addiction impacted her connection with her family to the point that she was forced to leave the family home. She had recently been suffering from Depression as well. She even pondered killing herself. Pandora said in an interview, “I was sleeping on a mattress in a room with a swinging light bulb over my head, and all I wanted to do was die.”

Her Father’s Memories

Sir Jocelyn Stevens and Jane Sheffield gave birth to her. Her father, a hot-tempered man, used to enchant and scare her. Jocelyn had two sides to him. He was either enraged or endearing. He flung typewriters out the window, kicked the couch, and tossed a lamp in his rage. Jocelyn used to be fascinating, intriguing, and clever in charming mode. She recalls her 18th birthday when her father treated her to a 12-person meal at Tramp. When her father came in to check how the meal was going, he was surprised to realize that the 11 individuals in the room, save her, were all guys.

Cara’s Depression

Pandora wasn’t the only one who suffered from Depression; her daughter Cara also did. She had reached a point where she didn’t want to live any longer. She was having suicidal thoughts. Pandora was pulled out of school and treated to safeguard her well-being. She was prescribed antidepressants. She felt she needed to do something to break out of her despair, so she began modeling.

Net worth

Pandora net worth is being calculated. On the other hand, her daughters Cara and Poppy have net prices of $28 million and $3 million, respectively, as of December 2022. Her daughters have achieved enormous net worths as a result of their vocations. Cara makes money from modeling, acting, and signing sponsorship agreements. She earns around $9 million annually through endorsement partnerships with well-known brands such as YSL Beauty, Burberry, and Tag Heuer. She has acted in films such as Suicide Squad, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Her Smell, Paper Towns, and The Face of an Angel. Poppy has starred in television shows such as The Royals and Genius. She has acted in films as well as TV programs. Perfect, She’s Funny That Way, The Golden Circle, and The Aspern Papers are among her film credits.

Her Daughters’ Habits

Cara and Poppy, her kids, live a lavish lifestyle. They both like taking holidays to exotic locations. Aside from holidays, the Delevingne sisters spend money on designer outfits. She shared a photo of Poppy from one of her Maldives excursions.


  • She was born on June 28, 1959, making her 63 years old.
  • Charles, Melinda, and Rupert are her three siblings. Rupert, on the other hand, is no longer on this planet.