Police Visited PewDiePie House After His Wish Purchase On Suspicion illegal Online Transactions


PewDiePie (also known as Felix Kjellberg) is the most popular YouTuber. His spat with T-Series music labels made national headlines as the two channels competed for the most subscribers on the site. The music label won the race, giving PewDiePie the second-most subscribed channel and the top subscribed person on YouTube. On March 2, the developer uploaded a video on YouTube with the caption:

“I purchased prohibited Wish Items (Cops Came To My House, Big Oopsie).”

The film depicts a “stressful” experience after purchasing a balisong from Wish. He stated that the purchase prompted cops to come to his residence on suspicion of “illegal internet activities.”

PewDiePie enjoys using the balisong as a fidget spinner.

Daily, the YouTuber can be seen toying with a balisong knife in his broadcasts. The knife is also known as a butterfly knife and is a standard weapon in first-person shooter games. Wikipedia states that

“A butterfly knife, also known as a Balisong, fan knife, or Batangas knife, is a form of folding pocketknife native to the Philippines.” Its distinguishing characteristics include two handles that counter-rotate around the tang, allowing the blade to be buried behind grooves in the handles when closed.”


Balisongs and butterfly knives may be lawfully purchased online, but having them may be unlawful depending on where you reside. So, before buying the knife, be sure to verify the local legislation. PewDiePie purchased the blade from the internet retailer Wish. He utilizes the knife as a fidget toy, as seen by numerous of his uploads.

In his video, he described the whole incident. The video featured the following segments:

“I got the brilliant notion of attempting to purchase a balisong. Because I like them. They’re entertaining to play with. It’s fantastic. Do not, however, do so. “Do not purchase a balisong.”

The purchase tipped off the cops, who decided to visit the online celebrity. He went on to say in the video,

“When the police arrived at my residence, they told me I was awful and that I shouldn’t have done that.” So, please accept my apologies. Ya dude has a criminal history! “Let’s get started!”


Based on his video, we can presume that the YouTuber did not encounter any severe problems with the authorities. He said the affair had agitated him enough that he had purchased several other fidget toys instead of the knife. He then spent the remainder of the movie displaying the toys he bought. The video has been seen over 1.5 million times as of this writing.