“Pretzels And The Puppies” Season 2 Is Set To Released On Apple TV+

Pretzels And The Puppies

Pretzels and the Puppies season 2, the second chapter of the renowned Apple TV+ kids’ cartoon series, is planned to premiere on Friday, February 24, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. EST. The life and adventures of the world’s longest dachshund and his family are chronicled in Pretzels and the Puppies. The leads will be played by talented voice actors Mark Duplass and Nasim Pedrard.

According to an Apple TV+ press release, the season 2 summary for Pretzels and the Puppies is as follows:

“Pretzel is the world’s longest dachshund and the playful, supportive father to five rambunctious pups. Along with his wife, Greta, they urge their puppies to raise their paws to solve issues and “make their bark” on their Muttgomery friends and neighbors.”

Steve Altiere (who also acts as showrunner), Caroline Fraser, Ricardo Curtis, and Wes Lui executive produce the Apple Original series, which is co-executive produced by Jennifer Contrucci. Via Apple TV+’s changemakers program, Dr. Tony Wagner, a famous author and Senior Research Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute, serves as the series’ play, passion, and purpose expert.

Margret Rey’s children’s picture book Pretzels and the Puppies inspired the film.

Pretzel and the Puppies is a television version of Margret and H.A. Rey’s 1944 children’s picture book Pretzel, created by Steven Altiere and Kim Howitt. The duo is best known for Curious George, a children’s picture book series they developed between 1939 and 1966. Although the picture book chronicles Pretzel and Greta’s travels and learnings as a couple, Pretzel and the Puppies focuses on their adventures and learnings as a family, including their pups Puck, Poppy, Paxton, Pippa, and Pedro.

Pretzels And The Puppies

The cartoon sitcom is set in the fictitious town of Muttgomery, with Pretzel managing the home front as a stay-at-home parent and Greta serving as mayor. According to Apple TV+, the logline for Pretzels and the Puppies is as follows:

“When your father is the ‘world’s longest dachshund,’ growing up takes on a whole new meaning!” The eight episodes follow Pretzel, Greta, and the pups in Muttgomery, their hometown. They are a contemporary and distinct family who are always on the lookout for methods to ‘Make Their Bark,’ and make the world a better place for their four-legged friends and neighbors. Pretzel and Greta encourage their puppies to solve their own issues, often telling them to “Get those PAWS UP!” when faced with a hurdle.

A Look At The Trailer

On February 9, 2023, the official trailer for Season 2 of Pretzels and Puppies was posted on YouTube. According to the description:

“Pretzel and the Puppies returns for Season 2 with the world’s longest dachshund. In Muttgomery, join Pretzel, Greta, and their rambunctious puppies as they learn to solve issues and make the world a better place.”

Pretzels And The Puppies

The narrator reminds viewers that the family would “lend a paw to others, delve into fun, and make their bark” in the next season of Pretzels and the Puppies. Some of the trailer’s scenes depict the Doxies assisting Muttgomery citizens with a food problem, embarking on a new adventure, and engaging in joy, revelry, and pleasure. HarperCollins Productions produces Pretzels and the Puppies, and all episodes of season 2 will be accessible for streaming in over 100 countries beginning February 24, 2023.