PSY Is Planning To Relaunch His Iconic Water-Soaked “Summer Swag” Concert


In view of the CDC’s COVID-19 safety warning in wet circumstances, K-pop superstar Psy has opted to supply guests to his next solo show with a total of four masks. The That That singer is planning to reintroduce his renowned water-soaked “Concert titled “Summer Swag.” This year’s ‘PSY Soak Show SUMMER SWAG 2022’ will be a domestic tour of 7 locations throughout the nation till August 20. The summer performances are the first time the singer has performed his iconic “PSY Drenched Show,” in which crowds sing and dance while being sprayed with water, since 2019.

PSY and P Nation will give participants four masks, one waterproof and three KF masks.

P Nation, the singer’s agency, issued a statement on June 22 on the COVID safeguards made in ‘PSY Soak Show – Summer Swag 2022.’

According to the agency,

“P Nation is stepping up measures to guarantee that individuals attending ‘Psy Soak Show – Summer Swag 2022’ may do so in a safe environment. P Nation and all related employees involved in the production of this tour commit to rigorously adhere to all COVID-19 prevention standards during the planning phase and until the final concert.”


P Nation declared that they will rigorously adhere to all CDC requirements, even going so far as to provide participants with four masks- one waterproof and three KF94 masks. “Furthermore, all instructions issued by the Central Disease Control Headquarters shall be strictly adhered to. In response to COVID-19-related concerns about mask sanitation, each musical venue will be fully sterilized. All concertgoers will get one waterproof mask as well as three KF94 masks that may be swapped out up to three times throughout the event.

Given the rising number of COVID-19 cases on the island country, the adoption of four masks looks to be a step in the right way. The announcement came after South Korea’s Central Disease Control Headquarters voiced worry about the spread of dangerous viruses and germs under moist weather. The Headquarters had issued a warning,

“We recommend that outdoor activities avoid spraying water onto spectators if feasible.”

Netizens criticize PSY for wasting water during Korea’s drought.

However, the program has received a great deal of criticism. The soak show, in which the audience is blasted with water cannons and streams throughout the performance, is renowned for wasting a lot of water. Because the nation is presently experiencing a severe drought, waste is being condemned even more this year.

PSY had previously boasted about using 300 tonnes of “drinkable water” for each performance on an MBC program, which drew even more criticism. He had said,

“I use potable water. Water is quite costly. It costs around 300 tons every concert.”


In light of these circumstances, some fans have raised worry over water waste, but neither the agency nor the artist has responded. The winter drought in South Korea persists throughout the spring and early summer seasons, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration. This month’s total precipitation was just 5.8mm, accounting for only 5.6 percent of the typical monthly total of 104.2mm. Due to the extreme drought, the Soyang River’s headwaters have already dried up.