Rachel Roberts- All About Andrew Robertson Fiance

Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts is a stunning lady best known as the fiancée of Liverpool superstar left-back Andrew Robertson. Andrew Robertson has been instrumental in Liverpool Football Club’s recent success as a Premier League Giant. Her soon-to-be spouse is quite attractive.

Quick Facts

Full Name Rachel Roberts
First Name Rachel
Last Name Roberts
Profession Celebrity fiancé
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Relation
Relation With Andrew Robertson
No Of Children 2

Engaged To Footballer Andrew Robertson and Romantic Date Nights

She is now engaged to Andrew, her true love. The pair have had an incredible love story. Her fiancé has shared a lovely photo of the duo, and their date evenings involve delicacies. The meal on the table has the power to bring water to anyone’s mount.

Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts (Source: Google)

How Did They Meet And Where Did They Meet?

Rachel and Roberts began dating in high school. The two initially met at St. Ninian’s School. They met as students, and their love story has lasted and will continue for decades. Andrew Robertson’s celebrity hasn’t changed him; he’s still the same modest man he used to be. Another fascinating feature is that the pair is still quite close to the circle of friends they had in high school. Rachel was one year of Robertson’s junior in high school. When the pair began dating, Andrew was 19 years old.

A Child is on the Way

The couple has two children, a boy and a daughter. Their first kid was born on August 26, 2017. He was given the name Rocco. The couple just had their second child, this time a girl. Aria was her given name. Here’s a photo of Daddy and his kid. Rocco is dressed in a red home Liverpool shirt and has aspirations of becoming a player in the future. The left-footed pacy left-back must teach his kid to be a superstar like him, and we will adore seeing him in a professional Reds shirt one day.

Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts (Source: Google)

How well do they know one another?

Trent Alexander Arnold and Rachel Robertson’s husband Andrew Robertson discuss the Premier League and how well they know one other. When asked who Jurgen Klopp’s favorite is, Trent and Andrew both stated they were, with Trent explaining that he began his career with him and Andrew mentioning that they had more memories together. When discussing Premier League highlights, they addressed a few topics, such as who played the most minutes this season and many more.

They voted for Trent, but it was Robertson who surprised them because he has played 27 games for 2,370 minutes, while Trent has played 27 games for 2,355 minutes. Trent took more shots this season. With 168, he had the coldest breeze, followed by Robertson with 166. Similarly, Andrew made the most tackles (47) while Trent made the fewest (43). Trent had the most sprints (423), Andrew had the most interceptions (34), and Trent had the most interceptions (31). He had the most interceptions (34), Andrew had 34, and Robertson had 31. Trent has also had the most assists in the league, while Andrew has traveled the most mileage in the company with 264.37km.

Charity and Andrew Robertson’s book

Andrew authored a book called “You’re Gonna Believe Us” based on his life experiences and the behind-the-scenes of Liverpool Football Club when they won the World Cup. The proceeds from the book will be donated to Robertson and his fiancée’s Rachel charity, ‘AR26.’ The organization assists underprivileged youngsters in Scotland. Robertson and his colleague Trent Alexander-Arnold created the IGTV digital series ‘Wingmen.’

Net Worth

Her soon-to-be spouse has a significant net worth and a high income. Her spouse has a staggering net worth of 8 million pounds as of 2022, equating to 7 million Euros. Andrew’s market worth hit a mind-boggling 40 million pounds (about 45 million Euros). He is now Liverpool’s hottest property.

Andrew has a fantastic income, which has allowed him to amass such enormous wealth. He earns 0.09 Euros per second. His hourly wage is 5.12 Euros, and his weekly wage is 54,878 Euros. Andrew annual pay is 2,700,000 Euros, and his monthly compensation is 225,000 Euros. His daily earnings amounted to a whopping 7,377 Euros. Andrew formerly played for Queen Park Rangers. He is now the captain of the Scotland National Team.