Rachel Zegler Confirms Her Relationship With Josh Andres Rivera

Rachel Zegler

Rachel Zegler has now confirmed her long-rumored relationship with Josh Andres Rivera. The actress turned to Instagram on Valentine’s Day 2022 to reveal her romance with her West Side Story co-star. In case you missed it, Zegler portrays Maria in the 2021 remake of the iconic film musical, while Rivera plays Chino, the man she dates before meeting Tony, portrayed by actor Ansel Elgort.

Rachel Zegler Opens Up About Her Relationship with Boyfriend

To cut a long story short, the actress, 20, published a cute black and white photo of herself and Rivera, with the tagline “committing Valen crimes” on her announcement post. Zegler also shared a similar photo of them — along with the previous one — on Twitter, where many followers promptly congratulated the newly out couple. But the story didn’t stop there. She also told her followers on Instagram stories that she and her partner were having supper at Mr. White’s Leicester Square.

Rachel Zegler

Fans React to Rachel Zegler’s Relationship with Josh Andres Rivera

Fans of Zegler and Rivera’s relationship seem to be highly receptive on the internet. As a result, once the actress acknowledged she was dating, the majority of them were seen posting positive things about the relationship. “You two are so adorable,” one admirer responded to her message. “I’m in love with both of you,” wrote another.

Rachel Zegler

Someone else also questioned the actress whether Rivera was the same person she acted with, adding, “hey isn’t that the guy from that one movie?” “So I think this does prove their dating?” said one Instagram user. I was always curious whether they were simply best friends or boyfriend and girlfriend.” From ‘West Side Story’ to Real Life Zegler and Rivera apparently initially met on the set of West Side Story. They subsequently became close while shooting the film, prompting viewers to wonder whether they were also dating.


The romance suspicions were fanned anytime they uploaded images together, but it peaked on Valentine’s Day 2021 when the actress tweeted, “I adore Josh Andres Rivera.” Despite the fact that the post hinted heavily at her connection with her co-star, it was not yet official. Following the incident, the diva shared a series of images on Instagram in December 2021, emphasizing 2021 incidents that made her feel “huge love I have never felt before.”

The first photo was of her embracing Rivera, who was dressed in a festive sweater. “Spending Christmas Eve with a dude I’ve never met before, maybe you know him, he looks really cool— like he might be the love child of Iron Man and John Wick, dunno,” she added, explaining her photo with him. Similarly, in her November 2021 post, she wrote that she discovered her “best buddy in the entire world” after acting in West Side Story. Fans quickly pointed out that she was implying Rivera.