Raphael Rowe’s Book ‘Notorious’ Reveals Stories About His Scar And Wife

Raphael Rowe

Raphael Rowe, the host of the Netflix documentary series Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons, was imprisoned for 12 years for a crime he did not commit. The mysterious scar that runs down the British broadcaster’s left cheek has piqued the interest of many people, but none more so than the mysterious scar that runs down his left cheek.

Rowe, who had never previously addressed questions about the scar, has finally revealed the story behind it in his book ‘Notorious,’ which will be released on December 20, 2020.

Rowe Reveals The Location Of His Scar’s Secret

The cast of Pilgrimage: The Road to Santiago has always been vocal about the psychological scars that prison leaves on people. However, he has rarely discussed the origins of a physical scar on his left cheek. His silence also sparked a flurry of speculation among fans.

Many people thought the BBC journalist got the scar before he was imprisoned. The 53-year-old broadcaster had previous convictions, including one for malicious wounding, prior to the wrongful conviction. Others speculated on Reddit that the scar was caused by fights while he was serving his 12-year prison sentence.

But, finally, Rowe addressed the question in a tweet in July 2020. He stated in his book ‘Notorious’ that the story behind the scar would be revealed at some point.

He explained that people should go to his website, sign up for or order his book, read it, and eventually learn the story behind his scar.

‘Notorious’ also includes gripping stories from his time in prison

During an interview with the Guardian in 2000, the media personality discussed some of the heinous things he went through as a prisoner. He related a story about some men who had boiling water thrown on them in a row and then had their skin peeled off. Many of these events appear to be recounted in the book ‘Notorious.’

“For the first time, this book will take you on a brutally honest journey through my incredible personal journey.” What’s good, what’s bad, and what’s ugly. Rowe’s website states, “My story, combined with an exceptional journey to the forefront of investigative journalism, remains unparalleled.”

He has also teased excerpts from the book on social media, describing a fight with another prisoner, who was much larger and bulkier.

He keeps his personal life private

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in February 2021, Rowe discussed his book and why he didn’t include all of his life stories in it. He explained that he was a private person who only wanted to reveal things that he thought people should know. He went on to say that this is also the first time he has revealed that he is married to a wife and children.

I’ve always been a very private person. So, for example, I’ve never talked about my wife and children anywhere, at any time, and so it’s the first time I reveal that I’m even married in my book.
Prior to his arrest, he had a girlfriend named Nancy Stanley and a son who was 12 years old in 2000.

His Life Is a Life Lesson in Perseverance

Rowe was sentenced to life in prison in 1988, at the age of 19, for a false charge of murder and robbery. However, after 12 years in prison, the Court of Appeal finally overturned the wrongful convictions in 2000.

He was then released from his unjust imprisonment. When he was released, he was so out of touch that people mocked him for not being able to use a cell phone. In an interview with the BBC, the Netflix star revealed that he has trouble interacting with women. He also mentioned that opening doors made him nervous because he had never had to do so in prison.

Raphael Rowe
Raphael Rowe

Despite all odds, Rowe was able to recover by taking a proactive approach. During his incarceration, he took a correspondence course in journalism. Moreover, during the long campaign for justice, the author piqued the interest of several broadcast and print journalists.

The education was beneficial to the aspiring journalist because it provided him with insight into the world of reporting. He was so successful that he became the first mixed-race reporter for Today, The Six O’Clock News, and Panorama.

As a result, the TV host re-established himself as a highly respected journalist. Now, his message is straightforward: “Wherever you are in life right now, don’t think you’ll be in the same place in 5 years, because your life can and will change,” he writes on his website.

“What matters is what you do as an individual to effect those changes.” “Do you prefer to sit back and wait, or do you take charge of your own destiny?”